Food is essential for the maintenance of life. Any form of life, in order to sustain, requires food and nutrients. Therefore the importance and the necessity of food are clearly understandable. Since the evolution of mankind on earth, there have been three basic necessities, as Food, Cloth and Shelter. Therefore Food is considered as the only form and the basis of each and every living being of earth.

Great Food and Healthy Living Tips for Humans

Historical Evidence

Since the birth of the civilization, humans have been in the constant quest for development and progress. They have changed and developed gradually form the gatherer, to hunter gather and finally producer. With these their habit of food consumption has also transformed in various ways. From the carnivorous entity humans have emerged as the omnivore animal at the present scenario. They have learnt to make use of the available resources like plants and animals and gradually transformed their habit of food consumption.

Types and Category

Food is considered as the essence of life. Without food no living being can exist. Food can be classified and categorized into various forms and structure according to the various uses and needs. Food can be classified as healthy and unhealthy. However the basic and true classification would be-

  • Proteins- These foods are mostly essential for the growth and development. It helps in providing with the necessary energy that is required to perform various functions of the body. This option needs to be considered while the person is on the move or staying away from home. Protein reserves need to be replenished every now and them.
  • Carbohydrates- Carbohydrates are generally regarded as the most essential requirement of the body; it mainly helps the body with lots of energy and is mostly found in milk and dairy products.
  • Fats- Fat is required to form and develop the mass of the body and provides the body with much essential nutrition to carry out the internal activities of the body.
  • Nutrients- Nutrients are also very vital source of energy for carrying out various activities and life functions, and are present in the form of minerals and vitamins. That is essential for the overall growth and building of the immune system of the body.

Dried Fruits and Its Importance

Food can also be classified into a more particular form that is dried fruits. Which are very essential means of nutrition and health for the humans?  Nature has provided with lots of food option for the human being to choose form. And dried fruits happen to be the best in all forms and importance.

  • Stock of various essential minerals and vitamins.
  • Important source of iron for the body
  • Dried fruits are very important means of healthy snacks.
  • These are also very important and tasty substitutes of junk foods.
  • Helps in maintaining a complete balance in the diet
  • Dried fruits can be stored and preserved for a longer period of time, in comparison to any other food.
  • Dried fruits also helps in the eliminating many health complications and diseases.


Food is therefore considered as the main source of life formation on earth. It is on the basis of food that, each and every living organism is holding their existence on earth. Therefore it can be said that without food, perhaps existence of life cannot be seen in any form.

Description– In this piece of writing a basic idea about the importance and the implications of food in context of the human is given; with reference to the various types and the importance of dried fruits have also been elaborated here.

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