The American Surgeon General has declared that vaping, or using e-cigarettes, could take a serious toll on the health of young people. He said that vaping was not harmless and that it appeared that too many youngsters were using e-cigarettes.

Is Youth Vaping A Public Health Threat?
Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, expressed concern that vaping could lead to an entire generation of young people who have developed an addiction to nicotine. He added that vaping also had the potential to lead to an increase in the use of products related to tobacco, which would be a backwards step.

Nicotine addiction : Mr Murthy also said that nicotine could be harmful to young and developing brains and that more research was needed into vaping. Research has indicated that many young people who have never tried traditional tobacco have tried vaping. Although e-cigarettes should not be sold to minors, Mr Murthy called on educators, health workers and parents to alert young people to the possible risks of vaping and inhaling nicotine. He also said that regulations preventing the smoking of tobacco products inside public buildings should be extended to vaping.

Negative effect on the heart: An e-cigarette is powered by a battery, and the device converts nicotine that is in liquid form into a vapour that can then be inhaled. Clinical trial services have not been engaged to definitely ascertain whether there are risks or advantages associated with vaping. In a recent report from The Telegraph, findings of a study were presented that suggested vaping could have a negative effect on the heart that was equally as detrimental to health as tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping had been presented as being safer for those who are already smoking cigarettes. It does not produce the tar that is considered to be a harmful by-product of smoking the traditional type of cigarettes. It is not known if vaping makes someone more or less inclined to take up smoking tobacco products on a regular basis.

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Vaping is a phenomenon that requires more study. Until there is conclusive scientific evidence, perhaps the best approach is to assume that too much vaping might not be a good thing.a