Lets be honest, everyone has an opinion, some are informed and some not so well informed. But there is always a twist, some have opinions but cannot express them very well. Indeed, you will be interested to know that quite a few individuals have the capabilities needed to full express their opinions in a way that the party on the receiving end can fully grasp it.

Before we delve deeper into the topic, lets first define “Opinion”. An opinion is a view or judgement formed on something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Should I have an opinion as an article writer?

Well, the correct question is should you not? or simply put; are you a robot? The only thing that differentiates you from a robot is having an opinion ( that and a few other things). One should always inculcate an opinion in a polite way one that does not imply that it is cast on stone. Remember it is not necessarily true that an opinion is always based on a fact, but having your opinion on an issue shines a new light on it.

It is not wrong when one doesn’t see eye to eye with the opinions of others, these opinions may reach you through different medium including print and blog, however one must recognise these for what they are these forms of thought and judgement were developed over time bases on events in their lives and therefore, you as an individual does not have the authority to verify or trash their positions.

War of Opinions versus the Opinion of War.

in your lifes travels on planet Earth, you must have known that wars are based on opinion, if a war council are of the same opinion someone should start sharpening their swords. This not be the case in your writing process. While there is always popular opinion; one doesn’t need to be held captive to this school of thought like a prisoner.

But before deviating always make sure you have checked the following boxes in your mind:

. Understand the others’ opinion: Listen / read with a lot of empathy it will help you understand their opinion.
. Compare your notes: Assess if your opinion same as your opponents since the essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks but in how it thinks.
. Test your Opinion: A lot of the times a deviation will occur based on your own lifes’ experiences or in a situation where yours has been washed down by popular opinion. For testing you can use an¬†argumentative essay¬†writing service.

When push comes to shove.

Can opinion be objectively wrong? Yes it can. One group thinks cats are cute while the other thinks dogs are; who can we say is correct as opposed to the other? When writing an essay it is important to state your opinions mildly but by all means understand they are not cast on stone. they may be as equally right on another persons eyes as they are wrong on another persons’.


Your opinions are as good or as bad as mine; learn to listen to mine as you try to state yours more clearly.

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