5 Amazing Tourist Cities Bordering The US

You may long to travel internationally, but it always seems so far away. But wait! The United States isn’t the only country in North America, and parts of the other two countries are within a short driving distance from the US border. Your dreams of international travel can become a reality with these five amazing destination cities. You can get a taste of different cultures without the time and expense of flying internationally.


This wonderful city is just across the border from the state of Washington. There is a reason tons of films are shot in Vancouver; the city is renowned for the beautiful scenery in and around its center. This hip city offers a host of festivals, attractions and restaurants. Even if you are traveling with kids, Vancouver keeps you busy with activities.

Niagara Falls

If you’ve just seen Niagara Falls from the American side, you will be blown away by the views from the Canadian side. The sheer amount of water gushing past is mindboggling. The city of Niagara Falls boasts water parks, casinos, theaters and a variety of restaurants, besides the boat trips and walking tours to see the falls.

5 Amazing Tourist Cities Bordering The US


Whether you go in the summer or winter, the capital of Canada will charm you with its culture and activities. The city of Ottawa offers a wealth of historic attractions and museums that are within easy walking distance of beautiful examples of architecture like the Cartier Place & Towers Hotel Suite within the heart of downtown along the Rideau Canal. The canal turns into the largest ice rink in the world in winter.

Quebec City

You can’t get a city in North America that feels more European than Quebec City. The city has a charming walled section with cobblestone streets, and you’ll hear people speaking French all around you. Quebec City has 400 years of history that shows in its rich culture. You can spend the day seeing all the sights that Quebec City has to offer, and then relax in one of its many outdoor cafes.


Turning our eyes to the south border of the United States, the city of Ensenada in the Baja California region of Mexico is a lovely destination situated between the Pacific Ocean and a small set of mountain ranges, just 78 miles south of San Diego past Tijuana. The city boasts lovely strands of tropical beaches and during certain months of the year, you can spot whales off the coast.