LED lights are used for a variety of purposes. Due to their numerous benefits, they are now effectively used in four wheelers. Many considerations are involved in choosing LED lights for vehicles.

LED lights in vehicles provide the following main benefits:

  • LED lights are durable and lack the fragility associated with halogen lights.
  • LED lights have a longer life.
  • These lights consume lesser energy as compared to other lights.
  • The warm up time for LED lights is less and they have the ability to run cooler.

Factors to consider while selecting LED lights

While selecting LED lights for your vehicle, it is advisable to consider the following factors:

Waterproof ratings

The various codes like IP68, IP67 and IP58 imply the resistance of the driving light towards dust and water. The term IP implies Ingress Protection and the numbers and the first number implies protection from solids while the second number implies protection from liquids. It is hence advisable to choose appropriate rating lights.

Protection against solids

LED lights offer protection from solids. While some LED lights offer no protection against objects others may protect against objects ranging in size from 1.0mm to 50mm. Some LED lights may prevent dust ingress while others may guarantee zero ingress of dust.

Protection against liquids

Various types of LED lights offer varying degrees of protection against liquids. While basic LED lights may not protect against water, some others may offer protection against water droplets at different angles. Some kinds of auxiliary LED lights also offer protection from water jets and from being submersed in water.

Lumens and Lux

Most manufacturers provide lumen figures about the amount of light the LED provides. However, most manufacturers may not provide lux readings. Lumens indicate the total light produced while lux reflects the light intensity. It is hence important to ensure that the light chosen has the required intensity and spreads light over a larger area.

Wiring looms

Wiring looms in LED auxiliary lights play a major role in resisting dust and water. Failure of the wire looms to resist water and dust may cause damage to the light. It is hence advisable to select lights that have Deutsch connectors that can prevent dust and water from penetrating into the light.

Mounting brackets

LED lights require mounting brackets or tabs for installation. Most bull bars consist of mounting tabs. In case these tabs are not present, light mounts may be chosen for installing the lights. The light mounts form an important part and ensure easy installation of LED lights.

There are various types of available LED driving lights which may differ in terms of the core features relating to their intensity and their ability to resist dust and water. It is advisable to consider such features as they can significantly increase the life span of these lights.

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