Once you grow old, you do not look for materialistic comforts. You want friends, family and loved ones around you. This is the main reason behind growth of community living for independent and retired people.

You may have observed that many elders, where you live, are downsizing their homes in which they are currently living, and moving to a community like the one talked about in this article. Coral Gables real estate market is focusing on this niche as well.

The apartments that are being mentioned here are all upscale in terms of features and amenities. These communities have common areas where residents gather and have light times.

It is but natural for any to leave the home where you have lived for so many years and move to a new place, but you gain some when you lose some. It may be slightly tough, but the result of a decision like this is very tough to take.

Many builders and agents are making homes for real estate development. A move like this is also supporting many community development programs. These programs are slowly gaining name and place both.

These communities are designed for many aspects like these:-

  • To enrich lives
  • Since elderly live in such communities- providing basic comfort
  • Making stay maintenance free
  • making stay hassle free
  • Provisions are made for healthcare
  • Basic first aid services are arranged and kept for emergencies

An open mind

As per Maslow’s hierarchy of need, you may have achieved all the levels of the pyramid. While being at the top, you still look for social and safety needs. These places are a package of comfort and ease for any of you. You live and dwell well in a comfortable and safe environment where people exist around you, who genuinely care for you. Keeping an open mind will help you make, this new place, your home soon.


In terms of maintenance, following aspects are being meant here:-

  • Cutting grass of your lawn
  • Cleaning up your gutter
  • Mending leaking roofs

These aspects are being looked after by community makers very well. As you age, it gets tough to maintain all these things. DO not worry; move in without any apprehensions in mind.


Believe it or not- socialization is an important factor. When you meet and interact with people, you feel refreshed. Your mind stays active and comfortable. It lifts up your spirits and keeps you happy.

These communities are made to encourage all these things only.

Additional benefits

The additional benefits of such programs are:-

  • Wellness programs are organized to keep your mind active
  • There are fitness centers in the same proximity
  • You get diet as you need and is prescribed by a doctor
  • If you have to visit a doctor- transportation is organized

There are several benefits associated with a program like this. Try and get in touch with Audrey Ross Team of EWM Realty International. They have helped many and are still helping plenty. Seek help if you have doubts.