Aipmt is an entrance exam of national level which is conducted by the CBSE board and this exam is hosted every year by the CBSE board. Aipmt (All India Pre-Medical Test) is the exam which you need to appear if you want to get chance for admission in medical colleges in India which is run by government of India. Aipmt is very much popular exam because if you want to get admission in any of the good government running colleges in India then you have to crack the Aipmt entrance exam, because 15% of every medical college seats is kept only for those student who have cracked All India Pre-Medical Test.

Aipmt entrance centres are there all over India except Jammu and Kashmir. So if you want to crack Aipmt exam then you don’t need to take any tense because you have any exam centres near your town. Every individual whoever is eligible to give this entrance exam likes to appear this Aipmt entrance exam to study medical stream.

As I have told you about the eligibility of aipmt exam, I will tell you some little hint of eligibility of aipmt exam. You must be at least 17 years of age before December last week or while the admission of first year in your M.B.B.S course or in your dental course. The other thing is that for studying medical in government running colleges in India your maximum age limit should be in between 25 till last week of December. So this is all the eligibility that you need to have to appear All India Pre-medical test.

If you are looking for appearing Aipmt entrance exam  in this year 2016 then you can easily download aipmt 2016 syllabus free download in their official site but if you need syllabus for Physics, Biology and Chemistry subject than you can easily get in this site in the article below.

Aipmt 2016 Syllabus Free Download

Here below I have stated the entire syllabus for three subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology for the year 2016. Yes, you get the whole syllabus downloaded in your Pdf file but for those who are looking only for the syllabus of these three subjects than you can get it here below.

I forgot to share you something i.e. the syllabus of Aipmt exam consists of both class 11 and 12 syllabus. The topic I will be sharing below. The format of the syllabus will be like the first chapter will be from your class 11 book and the second one will be from your class 12 book.

Syllabus for Physics for The year 2016:


Sl.No. Syllabus of Class 11 Syllabus of Class 12
1. Kinematics Current Electricity.
2. Laws of Motion Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
3. Physical world & measurement elctrostatics
4. Properties of Bulk matter Dual nature of matter and radiation.
5. Oscillation and waves  
Work energy & power Electromagnetic induction & alternating current
7. Motion of system of particles & rigid body electromagnetic waves
8. Gravities Optics
9. Behaviour of perfect gas & Kinetic theory Electronic Devices

So this is all the syllabus of physics for the year 2016. According to me this year physics syllabus is easier then the past syllabus of Physics. Now let’s move in to other subjects Syllabus.

Syllabus For Biology For The Year 2016:

Sl.No. Syllabus from Class 11 book Syllabus for Class 12 book
1. Cell Structure and Function Biology and Human Welfare
Human Physiology Ecology and environment
3. Diversity in Living World Reproduction
4. Plant Physiology Biotechnology and its Applications
5. Structural Organization in Animals and Plants Genetics and Evolution

This is the entire 2016 syllabus for aipmtt entrance exam for Biology subject. The syllabus is not lot  to see this time but I assume that biology will be harder than physics and Chemistry this time.

Syllabus for Chemistry For The Year 2016:

Sl.No. Syllabus from Class 11 Book Syllabus from Class 12 Book
1. Chemical bonding and molecular structure Chemical Kinetics
2. Equilibrium P-Block Elements
3. Structure of Atom Solutions
4. Thermodynamics General Principles and processes of isolation of elements
5. Some of the basic components of Chemistry Solid State
6. States of Matter Gasses & liquids Surface Chemistry
7. Classification of element and periodicity in properties Electro Chemistry
8. Some P-block Elements Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers
9. Redox reactions D & F Block Elements
10. Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles and techniques Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
11. Hydrogen Co ordination Compounds
12. S block elements Haloalkalanes and halorenes
13. Polymers
14. Environmental Chemistry Biomoleculers
Chemistry in everyday Life
16. Hydrocarbons Organic compounds Containing Nitrogen

Every year All India Pre-Medical Test occur in the month of May. According to me this year is very much easier than the other year because in every year In Aipmt exam most of the student gets depressed. This is the reason why this Aipmt 2016 syllabus has made very easy. I hope this year most of the student will get chance to get admitted in medical college or in dental college. Again as stated if you want to download the whole syllabus for Aipmt entrance exam then you can download form their official site. Thank you.