5 Suggestions For Planning A Fun, Romantic Anniversary Vacation

Anniversaries are the one special date that a couple shares throughout their life together. Whether dating, engaged or married, a romantic vacation is the perfect way to celebrate together. Put in the extra effort to recreate your first encounter, have a relaxing getaway, or even pop the question.

Recreate The First Date

A first date or chance encounter is a cherished memory in every relationship. Physically re-living that magical moment is a trip down memory lane, sure to bring back the butterflies and romance. Intimate discussions, such as the moment you fell in love, help solidify the bond of love that two people share.

5 Suggestions For Planning A Fun, Romantic Anniversary Vacation

Experience A New Activity Together

Has your significant ever shared the idea of engaging in a new activity, such as scuba diving or skiing? Show them that you care about their dreams by planning a vacation around certain activities they want to try. Visiting the same area every year may be tradition, but it is not as memorable or exciting. Sharing first experiences together nurtures the bond, while providing an opportunity to learn new things about one another.

Skip The Bargain Hotel

Upscale hotels feature luxurious amenities, such as an on-site sauna and jacuzzi suites. Book a hotel that accommodates to a vacationing couple with a honeymoon suite, even if you aren’t newlyweds. The Cartier Place Suite Hotel features a special romantic package, complete with complimentary champagne, a private balcony, and other special perks.

Sacrifice The Electronics

Aside from a camera to capture memories, leave the mobile phones locked away safely. The television and social media sites can be set aside for a romantic vacation. Let important people know the name of the hotel you are staying in case of an emergency, otherwise the world can be put on hold for a couple of days.

5 Suggestions For Planning A Fun, Romantic Anniversary Vacation

Plan a Memorable Proposal

Are you ready to pop the question, but haven’t figured out the perfect scenario? Make it extra romantic by surprising her in a beautiful new place. A thoughtful proposal will sweep her off of her feet, and makes a great story to tell the grandchildren.

People in a happy, healthy relationship think of their unique anniversary the same as a major holiday. Send the right message by planning a fun, romantic vacation to get away together. It is important to remember the past, celebrate the present, and ensure a lasting and wonderful future for the rest of your lives together.