Strawberry Indulgence In Cake

Cakes can melt your heart. It can uplift your mood with the sweet taste, softness and creamy texture. If you are feeling sad or a bit annoyed, then eating a cake is the best remedy. But what if you have offended someone? Well, sending sorry cakes to them is also a good option. A perfect sorry cake with decorations and some lovely words written on it can mend things much better.

If you choose from the strawberry flavored cakes that are available, then there are plenty of choices, which can actually confuse you which to pick. In fact, there are innumerable recipes available and one can try these at home if they want to do it on their own.

Here are few which you can easily try at home.

Strawberry Cup Cakes: Small and pretty cup cakes are the best way to say sorry. They smell good and look very attractive. You can also add some fresh strawberry slices and whipped cream on top of it to make it look more beautiful.

Strawberry Coffee Cake: Have you ever tried mixing caffeine with strawberries? If not, then try it now. You will love the taste. A white coffee cake with some fresh strawberries on top of it, make it look and taste delicious. If you are saying sorry to someone with this, they will completely forget why they actually got mad on you.

Strawberry Indulgence In Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake: This is a perfect creamy treat for someone as it has three layers full of whipped cream. Then there is an extra cheese frosting on top of it with some freshly sliced strawberries and it tastes the best.

Strawberry Indulgence In Cake

Strawberry Angel Food Dessert: This is an angel cake, which has its decorations and toppings full of frozen strawberry slices and cream cheese. It has to be served cold so that it can taste best.

Strawberry Indulgence In Cake

Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake: This is a purely eggless mousse, which a vegetarian can also enjoy. This is made of cookie crumbs and then decorated with fresh strawberry slices and fresh creams as well. This mouth watering dessert melts your heart.

Strawberry Torte: This is not a cake but a sweet bun which can be made with a batter of eggs and fresh jellies made from strawberries. This has a fluffy texture and is also very soft in taste.

Strawberry Indulgence In Cake

Triple Strawberry Cake: This can be called a pure strawberry indulgence. The moist cake is made of a sinful combination of fresh strawberries and strawberry gelatin. Eggs and apple sauce are also used to make the cake softer and it melts in your mouth.

Raspberry and Strawberry Cake: As the name goes, this cake is baked from a batter which is made of strawberry and raspberry mix. Fresh or whipped cream is also added for extra taste.

These are a very few types of strawberry cake varieties, which one can easily bake at home. If one does not want to bake at home, they can easily order online for cake delivery and enjoy them.