Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that has miles of coastline. It sits between Panama and Nicaragua in Central America. The country has been popular for its abundant vegetation, beaches and animal life. In general, Costa Rica is cheap to travel. But, for people who want to get deals or have a tight budget, being able to learn how to travel cheaply in the country would be beneficial. In order to save some cash, tourists can use hostels and markets and avoid touristy restaurants as they travel in the country. A website like offers the best travel deals to the region. Understanding the country’s unique climate and how it varies by region can be helpful in identifying the best time to visit this place of natural beauty.

Traveling To Costa Rica At The Best Time Guarantees The Success Of Your Trip

Traveling with the Best Weather in the Country

The weather in Costa Rica includes wet and dry seasons. During the dry season, you can expect rain falls; however, this is less common. Meanwhile, during the wet season, downpours happen quite frequently. If you don’t want to walk under the rain, then you can visit the country during the dry season. This extends from November to May. A lot of travelers choose to travel during this season and you can expect prices to be higher.

Visiting Costa Rica in December to April

For most part of the region, December to April is the high travel season. The North Pacific Coast, where the popular towns of Tamarindo and Coco are located, starts its rainy season in May lasting nearly through the rest of every year. This slowly tapers off in November. The Drake Bay Area, Southern Region and San Jose Highlands follow similar weather pattern. On average, these areas get a temperature of 71 degrees. But, during the dry season, the temperature can reach the mid 80s. This weather pattern is also the same in San Jose.

Enjoying the Dry Season in April to November

The Northern Lowlands and Arena Volcano feature an extraordinary climate profile. Their dry season can last from April to November which makes the longest dry season of the year. Most cities such as San Carlos and Tilaron are located in this region. For many students, the volcanic region is quite popular.

Witnessing the Rains in May and June

This period tends to be the start of the rainy season. But rain in August and September is heavier than in May and June. The country’s northern party can be somewhat dry.

Knowing about the Climate at the Gulf of Mexico

Cost Rica’s coastline at the Gulf of Mexico has dry seasons in September to October and February to March. Inclement weather and heavy rainfalls take the rest of the year. In Monteverde, the dry season lasts from January to May. This place is one of the most famous destinations in Cost Rica. A Costa Rican travel in May is less costly than travels done throughout December and April. When you decide to travel in May, you can expect the weather to be hospitable.

Traveling To Costa Rica At The Best Time Guarantees The Success Of Your Trip

Avoiding Major Holidays

When you are on a tight budget, you would want to travel when there are no key holidays. Costa Rica celebrates Christmas and Easter with street processions. Stores will have limited hours for one week around the holidays. Hotels and shops may be closed. Also, taxis and transportation will not be easy to find.

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