When you become the owner of a vehicle slowly you will start to understand not only the mechanism of the vehicle but also the parts inside it and the necessity for checking and maintaining each and every single component of the vehicle. The brake fluids are the specially formulated hydraulic liquid which is employed for transmitting the brake pedal pressure so as to slow down or stop the moving vehicle. This will transfer the force by applying pressure with the help of the hydraulic lines on the braking mechanism. Thus these brake fluids have to possess some specific characteristics apart from complying with the set of quality standards so that they can perform efficiently.

Whenever a motor vehicle is serviced or given for maintenance or for repair the brake fluids have to be flushed or changed once in a year or so, this is needed so that the vehicle can perform well and ensures safety and reliability. Thus it becomes necessary to check and change the brake fluids regularly. These fluids will be equipped in the reservoir at the vehicles master cylinder. The check up of the fluid is a simple process and this can be done with ease by any person. The brake fluid will always be in the top level and in case this reduces it means that there is some significant problem in the vehicle, this can be attributed to various reasons like the wearing out of the lining shoes or the pads, one other reason can be leakage – this will lead to reduction of hydraulic pressure and this will subsequently lead to poor braking ability, thus all these factors could cause damage to the life of the vehicle and become a hurdle for proper functioning.

There are many types of brake fluids like dot 3, dot 4, dot 5 and dot 6. But the dot 4 brake fluid is the most commonly used for the cars mainly as this rating fits best the vehicle and will not cause any sort of damage to the braking system of the vehicle. Whenever a vehicle has to function well the braking should be intact and highly functional even when used for many hours, if these don’t function well there are chances of accidents or collision to take place, and the main culprit for all these problems are the vehicles brake fluids which may not be the appropriate one or the draining away of the brake fluids when not maintained properly.

The fluid level has to be maintained and the check up has to be done so that the owner will have safety while driving. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the level of fluid but when the fluid goes down the fluid needs to be changed as this is necessary to protect the vehicle from corrosion. In few countries there is a specification with regards to the fluid and they owners have to meet this criterion. The fluids have to flow even in the coldest of the weather condition and hence the DOT –department of the transport has set up the various standards for the brake fluids. Many of the owners prefer the dot 3 and dot 4 for the brake fluids as this provides the perfect uniform flow under any condition.