Tips For Stashing Your Stuff While You Travel

When traveling for business or recreation, the constant concern over your property can dominate the mind. Although understandable, many vacations or business trips can be ruined with excessive worrying about one’s home, car, or other property. This does not mean you should never be concerned; many travelers have come home to find several pieces of their property stolen. Instead of worrying, however, travelers can do something about it. Here are some tips for stashing your stuff while you are traveling.

Never Advertise

With social media, people like to state explicitly what they are doing, and when, but this is a terrible idea when about to travel. A social media post explaining all your adventures after a trip is fine, but a post beforehand is a signal to would-be burglars that a person will definitely be gone, and their property vulnerable. No matter how private a social media post is, it is just a good idea to keep information about departing somewhere sometime soon to a minimum.

Tips For Stashing Your Stuff While You Travel

Make the Property Appear Like Someone Is Home

Homes that look unoccupied are easy targets for burglars. Have outdoor and indoor lights on, or attached to motion sensors. If the owner will be gone for days, it may be best to ask a neighbor to help shovel the driveway, or mow the lawn, depending on the season, so it looks like someone is taking care of the property. Many people also ask their neighbors to park their cars in their driveway so it looks like someone is home. It is helpful to contact the mailing office and stop all incoming mail from going to the property for the days the person will be away. That way, mail does not pile up, and give you away.

Maintain Entrances and Their Locks

Deadbolts and even doorknobs should be updated every decade, so fresher and tougher locking systems are in place. Always make sure every door to the property is locked before leaving and, in case of emergency, make sure a neighbor or friend has a back-up key to enter the property. One piece of advice that is sometimes not taken by property owners, is to disconnect the garage door opener. By disconnecting the opener, a burglar, who may have technology that can turn on garage door openers, cannot access the house by the garage door.

Home Security System Upgrade or Purchase

If the property does not have one installed, or if an upgrade is in order, purchasing a home security system can provide definitive comfort for a traveler. The newest models of home security units, like the many products at MRFS CCTV Systems, can help to unite a number of surveillance options for the home. Fire and smoke alarms, cameras, security lighting, and security doors can help make any property impenetrable, and will alert the proper authorities if an issue does arise. Centralized computers allow a home owner to arm the security system when they leave, helping to protect the house whenever the home owner is gone. These security systems can help many property owners relax during their business trips or vacations.

Never leave home without feeling comfortable. Taking the proper precautions and investments before going on a trip can give a property owner ease of mind, and protect their properties from damage or theft. Following these tips can help any traveler immensely.