Being a travel lover you will be very happy to know that there is a beautiful country situated in Southeast Asia named Myanmar. You should visit this country at least once in your life in this country. The countrymen have a great faith in Buddhism. There is no doubt that you will carry the impact of the natural beauty of this country in your later life. You will come to know many important things about the rituals, beliefs of Buddhism. Here and there you will see the pagodas in this country. This country is called as the Land of Golden Pagodas. The former name of this country was Burma. You will get to see that the old houses are still carrying the impact of the architectural beauty.

Here in this article we will give you the names of the names of the most important places in Myanmar. You shouldn’t miss these places. We will start our discussion with Yangon. Click here on the website to avail more information.

Make Your Trip Memorable To Myanmar: Guideline


You must know the name of the capital of this country. The name is Yangon. The international airport is situated in this city. This is one of the busiest cities of the world. The foreign investments are done in that part of this city. People call this city as The Garden City of the East. Here you will get all the facilities. You will get the best restaurants over there. There are many tea shops in that place. You can see the old houses having architectural beauty in this place. So shouldn’t miss this place to visit.

Bagan :

Here we will talk about Bagan. This is one of the most popular places in Myanmar. The former name of this country is Pagan. You will definitely get an ambience of the old civilization here in this place. Here you can see many temples which have been made for Lord Buddha. So you shouldn’t miss this place if you rare visiting Myanmar.


Mandalay is a popular place in Myanmar. This is the second largest metropolitan cities in Myanmar. This city is the centre of culture. This place is very famous for the stone carving, bronze casting, tapestries, silver ware and silk wear. This city was founded by the king Mindon. You shouldn’t forget the name of this place. You can find the royal place here.

Make Your Trip Memorable To Myanmar: Guideline

Amrapura :

Here in this part of this country we will talk about Amrapura which is famous for the silk weaving. This place was founded in the year 1783. Usually people hire car from Mandalay to visit this place. King Bodawpaya was the man who founded the city. People call the city as City of Immortality.

Inle Lake:

Your visit will remain incomplete if you don’t visit this place. The countrymen feel proud about this place. In this place you will get to see the natural beauty. The lake is really beautiful. The tourists get attracted by the natural beauty of this place.

These are the most important places in Myanmar and you shouldn’t forget to see these places.