Americans love to eat. Better than that, Americans love to eat fine food from exceptional restaurants. As the economy struggles to recover and the costs of eating out continue to increase, the competition for customers in the restaurant industry is fierce. Since customers are becoming more selective about their dining adventures, it has become incumbent on fine restaurants to provide the best food in the best atmosphere with the best service possible. With so many potentially fine restaurants available, customers have choices to make. Here is a listing of the five best ways to find exceptional restaurants.

Word of Mouth

Nothing can beat the recommendation of a trusted friend or relative. As the people in our lives scour the city for good eats, they are always quick to mention a great dining experience. They have the advantage of knowing the personal tastes of their loved ones and will often be on point with their recommendations. If your friends or relatives rave about an experience, you should give it a try.

Fab Food Finder: 5 Ways To Find Exceptional Restaurants

Restaurant Websites

In the age of the internet, most restaurants have their own website. Within their website, you can often find a reviews section. These reviews are coming from patrons who have taken their time to come to the website for the specific purpose of giving their opinion. If you see a trend of strong reviews, the place may be worth a try. However, you should use caution as these reviews may be subject to some manipulation.

Local and Online Restaurant Guides

There are periodicals collected by state or city with the specific purpose of providing restaurant reviews for the area to potential customers. The information in these restaurant reviews might also be provided by websites such as, or perhaps by local critics who have had a personal experience at the restaurant. These guides are a great resource because they provide independent information.

Go Where the Crowds Go

This one is not difficult to figure out. If you see long lines of waiting people, they are waiting for a reason. If you call for reservations and they are booked for a month, folks are making those reservations for a reason. Honestly, people go to restaurants to eat good food. If a restaurant is exceptional, the masses will make that very clear.

Take a Chance

No one knows your tastes like you do. If you are walking by a decent-looking restaurant and it appeals to your senses, you should go in and give it a try. More exceptional restaurants were discovered by accident than by any others means. If you trust your own opinion and instincts, you won’t need the reviews of other. You will find your own special places.

As long as Americans continue the trend of opting for eating out over home-cooked meals, you should take the time to investigate the best places to eat. It worth your time as $15 spent on good food is better than $10 spent on bad. Use these five tips to find the exceptional spots no matter where you live.