Alabama State is all about the beautiful parks for vacation. Parks for vacation is not bad; actually it is an interesting, fun and adventurous way to be on a holiday. There are many parks in Alabama State. Located at the northeastward state is the beautiful Cheaha State Park filled with an assortment of exciting activities and adjustments. This State Park is among the best and its beautiful countryside location is very good for nearby explorations as well. This park is located at higher place of 2,047 ft. above lowland and hence, named by the Creek Indians which in their language “chaha” means “high place.”

Cheaha is the most previous and continuous functioning park within the State which began in 1933. This beautiful area is full of hiking tracks and waterfalls. Moreover, there is a hand-dug six-acre Cheaha Lake which is a fine location for bluegill fishing and bass as Paddleboats are accessible and people are allowed to swim too.

Besides the original updated lodge, the park offers other accommodations too. The Park Hotel has 30 rooms which is as well the place of the Park Pool. Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley from the deck round the pool. Likewise, visitors can bask sunbathe too.

Visitors who desire more space and privacy, chalets and the original stone cabins are available. The cabins bear hearths and small kitchens, while firewood can be purchased too. Moreover, these accommodations are made pet friendly and the fee per day for a dog is $15. Also, the Cheaha Mountain Restaurant is available all twelvemonth and all services are provided but there is service in limit during the tedious season.

This state is full of 73 hook-up camping sites. Campground at Mountain Top has 43 and other are located at Cheaha Lake. The Cheaha countryside is ideal for hiking and several waterfalls can be found within the park while the hiking trails guide to Cheaha Falls, High Falls and Devil’s Den. For maps and guide, hikers can refer to front desk at the hotel. All degrees of hiking trails are found for people of all ages. The hiking trails begin with a mile interpretive while the most difficult ones are Lake Trail Hike and Rock Garden which gain elevation of a thousand feet in the first half mile.

Not only hiking trails but more adventurous bike trails of 10 miles are found in this State Park. For a day, the fee for service charge in Park is $5 to utilize the trail. Likewise, the Kentuck ORV trail found here is also available for camping although no specific campgrounds are designated.

Nearby the Cheaha State Park, there is another nice place to land on for vacation with 376,000-acre area lies Talladega National Forest. This National Forest provides more opportunities for fishing, hunting, hiking and biking for visitors. The flora fauna throughout the Cheaha State Park and National Park is different and hence, offers scenic beauty throughout the whole year. The combined forest of pines and hardwoods alters according to altitude, conditions and vulnerability. Trees are overshadowed on rock sheers which are developed to adapt rigorous weather condition. Redbuds, Mountain Laurels and dogwoods blossom in spring and in the autumn, hardwoods don gold and red accessorized by greenish pines.

Those visitors of large groups, families or anybody trying to retreat in the glorious Northeast Alabama Mountains are in great treat because this State Park has the perfect combinations.