Whenever Grand Canyon of the United States comes into discussion, the state of Arizona is always proud to hold this beautiful natural wonder. So basically, the vacation places in Arizona would be the Grand Canyon. Also, there is the Lake Havasu for a treat and the famous Hoover Dam which split Arizona and Nevada. However, Hoover Dam visiting and parking sites are entirely placed on the other dam side towards Nevada, so it doesn’t actually count as the vacation places in Arizona. Arizona dam side is not even accessible to water. Nevertheless, the Grand Canyon can possibly be the best vacation place which can be seen from distance and is among the world’s most electrifying sights and only a few hours’ drive from Phoenix.

Arizona is also familiar for its several golf courses. However, the Grand Canyon foils all the parties of entertainment rides and games with its colorful and pure rock formations. Arizona may lack casinos and famous water parks but it is a perfect vacation place for visitors who relish natural beauty and for them the Grand Canyon can be the next-to-last place for a holiday. However, to camp in the Grand Canyon, registration is essential and reservation should be made six months before in advance as the reservations are booked solid all the time when they open.arizona3

The Grand Canyon has some hotels too. However, this heritage site is ill-famed due to camping because the camp areas are filled with many visitors throughout the season.  Those visitors who know only a little about the Grand Canyon camping, advice is to bring lots of water and also a filtration kit to filter the rivulet water to drink and cook with. Likewise, showers aren’t necessary and they aren’t provided because rivers and small water sources can be found on the path daily.

Visitors can approach the Canyon from the entrances. Then the bottom hike to the canyon is done the same way since the day when it was opened which is by foot or a donkey ride. There is no doubt that one will get fatigued and dried up when reaching the floor of the Canyon and not to mention that the climbing is performed in the same manner all the way up to the top with no access to  any car or vehicle, which actually is a very good thing.

The Grand Canyon also features a recent addition, a semi-circle walk about which bears a glass surface which makes the visitors feel like they are walking a mile up on the floor of the canyon which they are actually. However, the true vacation begins with a camp or a reserved cabin setup and then each day hiking to Canyon’s different places, experience the mazes where numerous people lost themselves and swim below eternally lovely waterfalls.

The Grand Canyon would be perfect for the vacationers who like to camp and detest frigid and rainy weather. Visitors are suggested to take the cameras with them and also additional films and batteries or digital cards for storage.