Many people put ads on their websites to increase revenue. However, we should know that poor integration can really be damaging to overall user experience. When they see too many ads on sidebars, headers and between text, it is less likely that they will return. By properly integrating ads, it is possible that we will gain a lot of profit. First of all, we need to have proper ratio of ads to content. We should know how many ads that we should integrate on our website. It is important to prevent to add too much ads compared to the overall ratio. If we have too many ads, it is possible that we end up losing a lot of money. There are different standards in determining the optimum ratio. But, we shouldn’t have more than 20 percent proportion of ads compared to text.

If we go above this ratio, the revenue of our website may go down and we won’t make as much money. Advertising should also be used as an information distribution platform. It means that people should gain something meaningful after they read our ads. It is also important to know how we should repeat ads properly. As an example, we should know whether we should repeat it at different areas. We often see websites that use similar ads on different webpages. We should know whether the repeated exposure will really cause people to purchase our products. Regardless of what we do, we should keep our ads fresh. People will start to ignore ads when they see the same thing over and over again.

There should be enough variety of ads and it is a good idea to use an ads management system, which may include a rotator feature. Constant monitoring is also needed, so we are able to identify ads that provide the best rates of responses. If users are more responsive, it is possible for us to increase sales. In general, graphics can result in better responses than standard text. Animation may not provide us with the best results and they can also be quite boring. The proper area for putting ads can be different based on our overall preferences. As an example, ads can be placed on center column, right margin, left margin, footer or header.

Pop-up windows are other areas where we can put ads. It is considered less intrusive to use self-closing pop-ups, so people won’t struggle to close them. However, we should know that pop-ups could literally reduce the overall views, regardless of their forms. The most common way to put ads in the header. However, many visitors already instinctively ignore ads on this position. When we choose it, we should make sure to use appropriate ads. Improper uses of ads can be a waste of time and boring ads can reduce the overall response rates. The center column can be the best way to put ads and it could increase the overall response rates. Our content and simple web design should worth the slight annoyance caused by ads. It means that ads should decrease user experience