It is true that switching over to solar panels will make you energy independent, but you have to make substantial investment in the beginning. The cost to be invested depends upon the number of solar panels to be installed. How many solar panels will be needed to power a home? It depends upon several factors.

Factors determining the number of solar panels that you will need for your home

  1. Amount of electricity you use

Most people think that the number of solar panels is determined by the size of the house. It is not so. The amount of electricity you use is the most important factor to find the number of solar panels you need.

Take an example of two homes of 3000sq.ft. A newly married couple is living in one of the homes. They both work in the daytime and come back at late night. Their electricity need is very low.  In the weekends they go out.

In another home, there are two parents with two grown up children. Their electricity bills will be definitely high because there will be a TV playing, a heater or AC running. The number of solar panels needed by the large family will be surely more than the small family.

  1. Weather conditions

What is the amount of solar insolation you get in your area? The amount is not the same every day. It varies depending upon the weather conditions and the place where you live. For example, the sunshine is high in Arizona.

  1. Quality of solar panels

A good quality solar panel is more efficient and can convert solar energy into more amount of usable electric energy.

It is clear that the factor how many watts to run a home is the most important factor. To find out your average usage of electricity, you should check your electricity bills for a few months. You will be able to find out the daily usage, you have to divide the annual average by 365 days.

Sample estimates

Based on sunshine– Let us imagine that the average usage of electricity in your home per day is 48KW and if you live in a hot place where the average is 6KW/H, you will need solar panels of 574sq.ft. or 53 square meters. If you live in a cool place with little sunlight, you will need solar panels of 80 square meters or 861sq.ft.

Based on electricity usage – A small home with 1 or 2 people with energy efficient lights, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine and TV will need 1.5KW system of solar panel. A medium home with 2 – 3 people with energy efficient lights, fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, TV and computer will need 3KW system.

A large home with more than 4 people with halogen lights, plasma TV, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, computer and air conditioner will need 5KW system.

If you are interested in knowing the exact number of solar panels for your home, you should contact the best company in solar industry.