Solar power is known for producing clean, eco-friendly energy as well as reducing energy bills. With solar system, you get a smart meter which is used by your retailer for monitoring main and solar electricity. This smart meter observes an individual’s energy consumption patterns so as to assist in making more energy-efficient choices.

Sun produces energy which is captured by humans in forms of heat and light. Photovoltaics or solar panels generate electrical energy from solar energy. Due to their numerous advantages, solar systems are extremely popular with people all over the world. In fact, many countries are already making huge investments in these systems for clean, revolutionary and cost-effective electricity generation.

How do photovoltaic systems work?

Solar photovoltaic systems absorb solar energy with the help of photovoltaic cells. One of the best advantages of these cells is that there is no requirement for direct sunlight. These cells are perfectly capable of generating electricity on cloudy days as well. After acquiring electricity from solar energy, it can be used for different applications like lighting and operating household appliances.

There is little need for maintenance in case of solar systems as they are capable of lasting for 20-25 years. Electricity generation is free, plus solar panels installation is getting more economical and affordable day-by-day. Furthermore, improved lithium-ion batteries are being used in solar systems for more electrical production and efficiency. You can store the excess electricity in battery banks and use it during nights for your needs, instead of buying the electricity.

There is no emission of greenhouse gases when PV systems produce electricity from sunlight. Silicon, a semiconductor, is used in PV cells which produce an effective electric field whenever sunlight falls upon them. Stronger sunlight leads to more electricity production. Several sizes and shapes are available in PV cells.

Benefits of solar power

Some useful benefits of solar power are listed below:

  • You can use solar power to obtain hot water in a very cost-effective manner. There are also huge possibilities of receiving energy saver incentives for the installation of a solar system.
  • Energy saver incentives are also acquired when one uses solar photovoltaics to generate electricity for meeting their energy needs.
  • Your electricity bills get reduced and you also get money for a solar installation through the different government schemes.
  • You can sell the extra amount of produced electricity to your grid and get some money in the process.
  • You can easily reduce your carbon footprints and help in saving the environment by preventing further global warming.
  • You can use solar slates or tiles instead of solar panels for enhancing the aesthetic side of your house.


Very little amount of maintenance is required for solar systems and you just have to keep them clean and devoid of shadows. You can go to for getting experts’ advice on appropriate tilt angles for solar panels and additional benefits. This will help you to make sure that optimal performance is obtained and debris is prevented from getting accumulated.

Ask your installer to mention all the necessary maintenance details, such as troubleshooting and fault signals in main inverter, so that proper functioning of solar systems is ensured. Also, keep a check on the whole system to see how much electricity is generated and if there is something wrong.