A true chef knows he cannot perform well without all of his knives. From slicing meat to chopping onions, every task is dependent upon its respective knife designed for that particular purpose. Yes, if you think one knife can perform every function, you are mistaken.

There are different types of knives available in the kitchen where each knife has its own purpose and design. Knowing the functionality of each knife will help you select the right option.

Chef Knives are a comprehensive part of any person who wants precision and perfection in his meals. By using the right kind of knife for that particular function, less effort is required, and the task is done within minutes.

Even people who are professionals aim to keep at least types of knives with them where each blade is used for its own respective purpose.

There are a dozen types of knives available in the market. To help you have a better idea, here are some basic types that can make your cooking much easier and more fun.

The Chef Knife

This knife is regarded as one of the best meat knives in the whole set. It has a broad blade which is tapered upward. This feature helps the users carry out fast mincing using little strength. The size is between 6 and 12 inches.

If you are a new user, it is always a better idea to use a knife that is shorter in length so that you can maximize control over it.

There is no limitation as to what task you carry out with this knife. From slicing meat to dicing tomatoes, this knife has got it all.

The Utility Knife

This knife is smaller in length compared to other knives. Maximum, 7 inches tall, it can come in two styles, straight and serrated. The handle of this knife is thicker comparatively, which allows a better firm grip for the user.

Moreover, they come with a scalloped edge that promotes flexibility. You can cut different materials with them. Either hard veggies or something as soft and juicy as a tomato.

The Santoku Knife

This is a Japanese knife which has “three virtues.” This means this knife can provide three main functions. These include slicing, mincing, and dicing. It has a flat blade which is why if you want to cut skinny slices of veggies, great, but if you want to mince herbs, you need to be careful.

The feature where these have a hollow edge is great for cutting through meat, allowing better precision and minimal tear. People with tender hands prefer this knife as it is small and compact in size.

The Boning Knife

No kitchen is complete without the boning knife. The task of this knife is as its name highlights. This knife can separate meat from the bones. You can use it with meat or while preparing filet fish. Vegetarians also love this knife as it helps them peel and trim vegetables in no time.

The size of the boning knife is roughly between 3 to 8 inches. The widths of blades can be changed upon preference. There are stuff, Flexi and semi-Flexi blades available which allow precise cutting.

The Bread Knife

These knives are used for cutting cakes and bread. However, one can also use them to slice meat and seafood. These knives are ideal for those who enjoy baking. Young adults or kids with supervision can also use them.

One can cut chunks of bread easily with this knife. Therefore, this can be the most used knife in the kitchen for many households. Most of the bread knives are around 7 to 10 inches long, the blades have teeth calibrated on edge, which allows easy flow of cutting.

The Cleaver

This is the bulkiest and the most weighted knife, possibly in the kitchen. It can perform several tasks. However, due to its bulkiness, it has a lot of strength to perform heavy tasks like slicing a thick loaf of meat. It can cut through bones and meat in one chopping action.

A cleaver is a great tool for cutting items that are thick such as a pumpkin. Otherwise, users would have to insert a lot of energy into the task. The blade is wide and heavy. It can even crush the garlic.

Final Thoughts:

These are only some of the types of knives available in the market. However, these are the common ones that every household needs to have. Professional chefs have several other types of knives too that they use for more detailed and complex actions.

All the knives should be used carefully and placed at a high shelf out of the reach of children. Make the most of these knives so that cooking is fun and manageable.