Increasing productivity is crucial if you want to get any work done before a workday or even work weekends. On that note, there are several office tricks that you can pull out of your sleeve to help boost productivity in the office.

Below you’ll find some of the ways that can help make your office space less distracting and more efficient. Try them out if you want.

1. Lighting

The lighting in the office can affect the level of productivity of the workers in it. If you have poor lighting, the chances are that people will be straining their eyes to be able to see the work that they are doing. This can be dangerous for their eye health.

When eye health is neglected, it can have other side effects that will lead to more severe health issues. With that said, it is crucial that you set up excellent lighting that is bright enough so that no one needs to strain their eyes to work correctly.

Natural light is the best form of lighting for any space. If you can, try to incorporate it as much as possible when designing the office.

2. Chair and Table

The one place that most, if not all, employees will be spending their time on is their desks. The ergonomics of their workspace is crucial to how productive they are as they stay in their offices.

If you find that your back or any part of your body is strained after a while, then it may have something to do with the chair and table set-up. The computer or the table might be at a higher angle than the chair.

The chair might not be comfortable, or it is too stiff and doesn’t lend itself well to being moved around or modified in size in some way. Replace the chairs and desks if you are encountering issues.

3. Clutter

According to Maid Sailors Office, a leading office cleaning services provider in New York, clutter is one of the most significant distractions one can have on their desk or in the general work area.

Clutter can feel claustrophobic and is a bit distracting, especially if it has any loose elements.

General clutter can be dangerous for the office and is a work hazard. Clutter on the desks are distractions from work and may even be an active hindrance to getting things done. Thus, it is essential to declutter to be productive.

Make sure you don’t leave too much clutter on your desk that could shift your focus away from work. Aside from that, do make sure that you clean as you move around the office if you can.

4. Room Color

A simple office design trick that can help increase the level of productivity at work is the color scheme of the office.

Depending on the purpose of the room, one should consider painting appropriate colors that help serve the use of the room.

Areas of relaxation and brief disconnections should be green in color as shades in green are associated with a sense of peace and harmony. On the other hand, areas that may need work focus should be painted blue because it is believed to make people more productive.

Repainting rooms don’t have to be the only way to add color in the office space. You can incorporate personal items on the desks, with the designated color of choice to help you.

5. Room Temperature

Plenty of offices like to make the room temperature cold or sometimes downright freezing for some reason. Although no one knows precisely why this is, people assume it may be due to heat and can make people lazier.

However, this isn’t the case at all. Warm rooms can help induce productivity in people. It doesn’t have to be cold all the time.

Much like the lighting, natural heat is best but maybe not so much in the summertime when it can get blazing hot.

Properly regulate room temperature at a comfortable level that’s not too hot nor too cold, and you should see a shift in productivity.

6. Room Scent

There are a lot of human senses that can affect how productive a person can be. Even the sense of smell has a say on the productivity of a person.

The aroma or scent of a place can have both positive or negative reactions to productivity in the workplace.

If you find that people are getting sleepier, then you might want to consider spraying in some pine scents. The scent of pine is said to help increase alertness levels in people.

Another scent that can be useful for productivity is the scent of cinnamon. Instead of alertness, cinnamon can help improve that ability of people to focus.

There are many scents to play with. As long as you aren’t excessive with the spraying, then it should be fine enough.

7. Noise Level

One of the biggest reasons why a person may be unable to work productively in the office is due to unwanted noise or chatter. If the office has an open floor plan, then some of the things people say can likely carry in and heard around the school.

Loud, unwanted noises like construction and so on are a massive distraction from the task that a person should accomplish. Sometimes, the sound comes from your coworkers so it may be challenging to make them stop.

Noise affects not only our productivity, but it also influences stress levels in individuals. Make sure you manage office noise to be able to operate office stress as well.

8. Air Quality

Another simple office design trick that you can accomplish easily is to include more plants in the space.

A plant inside the office will make the air indoors much better and more tolerable. It helps improve the air quality of the home.

Air quality can help make people sicker or cure them of their illness. You can even use air filters if you can’t include a plant in your home. Although it can be pricey, air filters are an excellent alternative to bettering the air quality for the people living there.

With better air quality, you wouldn’t have thought it at first, but it will help you be more productive. Investing in some plants will not only make people more productive, but it helps brighten up space as well.

9. Varied Environment

Last but not least, a change in environment or even a change in space is an excellent way of making a person more productive. Sometimes, a person might need a blank canvas and a newer start to be able to refocus one’s self-right.

With that in mind, creating the environment to relax in or to work outside of your desk should be options already set in place. It can help people recenter their thoughts and be better at their jobs overall.