Puerto Rico is a modern resort with beautiful hotels, equipped beaches, cozy cafes and restaurants. Well-developed infrastructure allows to relax there thirty thousand tourists at once.

The main part of holidaymakers comes with children. This is due to the mild climate, shallow coastal waters of the Atlantic, reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere. Snow-white hotels, spread out on the slopes surrounding the bay, create the impression of comfort and security. The spacious Puerto Rico embankment turns into the busiest place in the evenings, while during the day a lot of people come to the local beaches.

With a tropical climate and more than 270 kilometers of golden beaches, it’s not surprising that Puerto Rico has become a famous place for those who love the sea, sun and sand. Do you dream of lying on its best beaches, soaking up the gentle Caribbean sun? Then go to Puerto Rico, pick up a car from Payless at San Juan airport and drive to one of the following coastal places…

Boqueron Beach

Balneario de Boqueron

(photo by James Joseph Llorens Cole)

Boqueron Beach is one of the best family beaches in Puerto Rico. There are many activities for adults and children on the beach, including cycling, kite-surfing, snorkeling, and diving. The beach is located in the southwest of Puerto Rico.

According to TripAdvisor, Boqueron Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Puerto Rico, since its golden sands and calm waters make it a great place for a family holiday. The nearby Cabo Rojo Refuge makes the beach a good place for nature lovers.


Flamenco Beach

Culebra - Playa de Flamenco

(photo by Diueine Monteiro)

The island of Culebra in Puerto Rico is famous for the fact that Flamenco Beach is placed on it. Although, there are plenty of other beaches, but Flamenco Beach is perhaps the most pleasant in all respects. The sea there is surprisingly transparent, with a slight turquoise hue, so that sometimes it seems that the boats glide through the air.

The very low level to which the water rises at high tide allows you to safely swim and relax on the golden beach at any time. This will be especially important for families, vacationers with children, or the elderly.

In order to get what you need, you don’t have to go far – the line of sand is filled with many shops, cafes and restaurants where you can find everything you want. The same applies to the numerous hotels and bungalows of various classes. The whole island is surrounded by coral reefs preserved in its most original form, which attracts a large number of divers. This place, like a strange and amazing magnet, attracts all fans of water sports entertainment.


Rincon Bay Beach

Playa en la Bahía de Añasco, Rincón

(photo by Dan)

The northwestern coast of Puerto Rico is known for its excellent surfing. The city of Rincon is one of the main hot spots for the fans of water sports.

Rincon became famous in the surfing world when it hosted the World Surfing Championship in 1968. Several beaches are located in the bay area, the most popular of which for surfing are the beaches of Higuero, Puntas, and Tres Palmas.

However, if you do not like surfing, or you come to relax with the whole family, then Rincon Bay Beach will be anyway a great place to swim in the warm Caribbean water or lie under the hot Puerto Rican sun.


Ballenas Bay Beach

Playa Las Ballenas

(photo by Gelson Alejandro)

Ballenas Bay is located in a picturesque location near the town of Guanica on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico. The two-mile-long beautiful beach is a part of the reserve and is a paradise for nature lovers.

The bay is a breeding ground for showy manatees or sea cows, and also provides nesting sites for endangered hawksbill sea turtles and leatherback turtles.


Punta Santiago Beach

Puerto Rico Beach 04

(photo by John Stankovich)

Punta Santiago beach is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico near Humacao city. The beach is situated in a good and cozy place where you can fully relax. If you feel more active, you can visit the various bays and cliffs along the beach, which will provide you with hours of exploration.

Rhesus macaques inhabit this small island near the tip of Santiago Bay. As reported by TripAdvisor, these monkeys are not very welcome, so it’s better to take a boat cruising around the island and watch for them from a safe distance.


Vieques Beach

Vieques: Navío Beach

(photo by Angel Xavier Viera-Vargas)

Vieques is the second largest island in Puerto Rico – it’s located 13 kilometers from the main island. Beautiful bays with beaches help attract divers and everyone who like to explore the underwater world.

For those who want to admire the beauty of the water outside there is an opportunity to take a rowing boat. The landscape around the island is hilly – in the middle of Vieques there’s a mountain range called Pirate Mountain.


San Juan Beach

Condado Beach in San Juan

(photo by Denise)

Not far from the capital of Puerto Rico you’ll find another pearl of the coast – San Juan Beach. This is a city beach, however, it’s not much equipped, there are no annoying buildings right on the sand, and it provides an opportunity to relax on the cream-colored sand and swim in the turquoise sea water.

Nearby you can find many shops and cafes, as well as equipment rental centers and diving spots. But this is not the main highlight of the resort. Traveling to the Old City is what attracts many holidaymakers. This area is located on an island where the bridge leads. The Old San Juan offers to get acquainted with its rich historical heritage by visiting 2 ancient forts – San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal.