A plumbing business these days require a lot more than handyman skills to thrive in today’s day and age. To be able to keep up with and surpass the competition, it is crucial that plumbing businesses invest in their advertising efforts more.

With that said, one of the ways that businesses of all kinds changed is by incorporating more digital advertising in their business, particularly search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is something that many plumbing businesses should make use of but don’t.

On that note, here are some SEO tips that plumbing businesses can try that will surely increase their business sales.

1. Search for plumbing keywords and phrases

The most basic way to increase the SEO of your business site in search engines is by looking for the right keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords are specific words or phrases that search engines use to track certain content or sites.

Search engines use keywords to find out which search can trigger a specific site to pop-up for their users. Of course, the top search results are what businesses should aim for because these are the ones that users click on the most.

On that note, it is vital that a business look for the best plumbing-related keywords. The right keywords can help you appear to the right users just as they need your service.

2. Find out about your competitors

It is necessary for any business to find out information about their competitors. The information that you have on your direct competitor can better fuel your SEO efforts. There is a lot that you can learn when you have relevant information on your competitors.

You can find out which audiences they attract more than you. You can compare and contrast their digital advertising efforts to yours and adjust yours accordingly. This way, you can better hit them back in the right places and with the correct means.

When you make an effort to find out about your competitors, you can also measure up how well your business is going. They can serve as a marker of business goals and achievements, too.

3. Claim business listings

If any information about your business is unavailable on the internet, people are less likely to transact with your business. This reluctance is just a consequence of the age of the Internet. Luckily, it’s easy to set this up.

There are online business listings where you can register your plumbing business. A business listing will make you appear more professional and legitimate as a business when you are available on these business listings.

Yelp is an accessible business listing online that drives high numbers of traffic. Another great business listing online is Google My Business. This site also receives a significant amount of traffic, and it’s free to set up your business profile.

4. Update your plumbing web design

Often, there are websites out there that didn’t feel the need to change the design of their websites ever since they’ve established it. However, this can be a massive drawback for people as it can appear outdated and sketchy compared to other websites.

Thus, if you have a website for your plumbing business since the early 2000s and haven’t updated it since, then now is the time.

Search engines look into the landing page experience or your visitor’s experience on your site. Landing page experience will determine how high you appear on search engine results.

5. Optimize your website photos

Speaking of how your website looks, another visual feature that affects your site’s SEO is the website photos. People overlook website photos when it comes to talks of optimizing your website for search engines and yet they contribute more than one would think.

A great way to optimize website photos is by setting up Alt Texts for each photo.

Alternative texts are text descriptions of the image which is suitable for people who can’t see the pictures. These are also another place to insert a relevant keyword in which is always ideal for SEO.

6. Work on your local link building

Your plumbing business’s SEO won’t only improve via online efforts. Offline endeavors also have a considerable effect on your SEO. Do create connections within the community where your business operates. This small effort on your part will give you many benefits.

When you donate to local charity events or sponsor community affairs, you won’t only be able to get your business’s name out there. You will also allow your business to appear in local online publications. Appearances on online news will significantly boost your SEO and will provide you with organic.

7. Be active on social media

It is essential for any business to create a social media account to be able to attract more customers. The importance of a social media account is again because people are hesitant to contact and make transactions with businesses that don’t have an internet presence.

Social media is a useful tool in improving the SEO of your website not only because of its reach. It is excellent for your website because it also makes it easier for you to appear via search engines because backlinks that lead to your site improve your SEO.

8. Optimize your site for mobile users

Nowadays, people have a mobile device in their hands that are all fully capable of searching for things on the Internet. Given this fact, it is then a requirement to consider mobile users when creating or modifying your site.

Again, the mobile optimization of your site is a significant factor for your search engine optimization because of the landing page experience. Search engines will always prioritize in their rankings the sites that give users a great experience.

On that note, don’t forget to create a mobile-friendly website. Not only will this be considerate to your site visitors, but it provides benefits to your business.

9. Improve the speed of your website

If you would notice in this list, it is crucial to the SEO efforts that you make your website as pleasing of experience to your users as much as possible. With that said, one of the best ways you can create a pleasant website experience for visitors is by making sure that your website loads fast.

There are many ways you can speed up your website. You can start by checking whether your website hosting service is sufficient enough and whether you might need an upgrade. There are many more ways that you can improve website speed, but this is a good enough start.

10. Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google provides a lot of free resources that many businesses can use to improve their search engine ad rankings. Two of these free resources are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are tools that both provide analytics that let you know about their website visibility. Aside from that, it helps by delivering tools that can help you optimize your site by providing keyword research tools and more.

When setting up your digital advertising campaigns, do make sure that you run it through these free Google resources. This way your plumbing business is getting the results that it deserves.

11. Hire an expert SEO for plumbers

The easiest way to get your business situated when it comes to SEO is by letting experts fo it for you. It is a critical skill for business owners to know when to outsource a task and when to do it in-house. When it comes to plumbing businesses, you may be better off letting someone else do it more effectively and efficiently than you can.

If you are looking for professional SEO for plumbers in Canada, then a local agency is ideal. They can better gauge the culture and tone of the locale. Plus, they can address any issues or questions you have faster.

With these 11 SEO tips, hopefully, you will find enough information that will better steer the direction of your business’s digital advertising efforts. These tips range from simple to challenging; however, all of them will surely benefit your business in the long run. Check out the ones that are right for your business model, and you will surely have an easier time optimizing your business.