A bride’s last days of being single are worth celebrating. The best way to celebrate them is to not let them know about your planned party. Aside from choosing the best hen party accessories, it is essential to make a comprehensive plan to ensure your bridal shower plans are a blockbuster hit.

Brides, their lady entourage, and closest friends love activities they all enjoy together. If you know your bride’s favorites, then it would be easy to plan. If not, then you can always consult their closest friends about it.

Once you do, follow these steps to create a hit bridal shower!

Set the Date

The best way to set the bridal shower’s date is to consult with their office friends, team leaders, and teammates. The only way to set the date right is to make sure she is free of any activities. Make sure to set it at least two weeks before the actual wedding.

To make it a surprise, inform the bride about an inconsequential activity set for that date, such as a girl’s coffee date bonding (especially effective if you haven’t seen each other for a while.)

Create a Guest List

Whenever you consult with a close friend of the bride, include them in the guest list. The number of people you should invite in a bridal shower depends on their closeness to the bride, the size of your bridal party, and whether these ladies will be wearing some special hen party accessories of your choosing.

If you’re not funding the entire party, then get the bride’s closest friends willing to spend for a better and exciting party!

Plan the Itinerary

Once you have the support of the entire bridal shower squad, you can create the itinerary with them. A hit bridal shower is made not by one event planner alone. It is the product of multiple minds working towards a fun and productive day with the most special person in their lives.

You can ask them to find the best venues for the shower. If you’re planning a pub crawl, you can task some “researchers” to see which are the best bars and pubs to go around town.

Invitations and Accessories

Hen party accessories are most important in any bridal shower. You can have the lady of the hour wearing a sash that says “bride-to-be” while walking around town. In a private party, you can have a uniform outfit with matching accessories to highlight the individual motif and style of the bride-to-be. Create invitations for all the people included in your guest list by buying specially-made cards or you can print them out!

Decorate The Venue

Ask the events planning team (namely your team) to help you plan the decorations. Make sure it has a central theme agreed upon by everyone. As much as possible, avoid making it look like a birthday party or an actual bridal reception. Hen parties are all about fun, individuality, and the personality of your group and bride. It is essential to design it this way because it is the last few days before the bride joins her life with her significant other.

List the Activities

Even if you’re just going for a pub or bar crawl, list the activities that would be fun to do in a bridal shower. For example, if it’s a private party in a selected venue, then it can some fun games. You can even have private male dancers (if that’s the bride’s thing). During a pub crawl, you can list a number of dares the bride and the group must achieve before the night ends.


Hen parties celebrate the singlehood of a lady about to get married. By making it special, a group’s bond becomes tighter and indestructible. It also gives the bride a group that they can depend on during and after their marriage.