Edouard Mendy Returns to Chelsea After Injury

Chelsea’s main goalkeeper Edouard Mendy was seriously injured during the match.

The incident brings a big influence on many betting companies, where can bet on sports live. The substitution of players took place only in the sixth minute and left Edouard sitting on the bench until the end of the match.

The Chelsea coach says this is a serious loss for the team. This incident will affect the upcoming match and the outcome is unknown.

After the incident, which was not counted, the opposing team was not shown even a yellow card, and also did not add a penalty. The offended team was left without the main defender. Souness also explicitly states that what happened was a real attack, and not a tackle, as the judge called it.

Chelsea players also expressed their opinion, noting that their defender played under any conditions and in any state of health. The players also say they didn’t like the goalkeeper’s behavior on the pitch. Some didn’t even consider and take seriously the fact that their player was having a dull sprain or dislocation.

Edouard Mendy is currently in the hospital. The injury is so serious that the player will undergo surgery on his leg. Recently, fans have also seen players walking out of the hospital on crutches. Apparently, the situation is really serious.

The coach’s decision was to put a substitute on the pitch in place of their legendary goalkeeper. The sports schedule currently allows the goalkeeper to stay on sick leave. Either way, all Chelsea fans are looking forward to seeing their goalkeeper back on the field. Team coach Lampard says the goalkeeper will be able to return to the game in one to two weeks. Fans are looking forward to the release of their favorite goalkeeper this Tuesday.

The team quickly coped with the temporary loss of a player. For example, the Liverpool team left their activities right before the winter due to the injury of the main defender.

Even with such an outcome of events, the team is not upset, because the main matches and events are left behind. The only nuance that makes the players nervous is that soon the team should have a game with Manchester United and Sevilla.

It is also worth saying that this may be the right moment to get injured. Since the WHO announces the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, holding large events is even more dangerous than six months ago. And soon it is predicted that all public places will be closed again. Therefore, the situation may have played into the hands of Chelsea’s goalkeeper.

It is also reported that for a foul they should have shown a yellow card, which the referee did not do at that moment. The rest of the team members support Edouard.

Edouard, meanwhile, says that he will recover very soon and be able to bring the team even better results.