Freelance Writing Topics on Dreams - 7 Unique Article Ideas on Dream Interpretation and the Water Symbol

Do you keep a dream journal and regularly analyze your dreams? Would you enjoy helping others benefit from dreamwork by writing about your own insights or research discoveries? The topic of dreams and dream interpretation is ever popular with those involved in self-growth and metaphysics. Here are seven interesting topics for writing profitable and helpful articles on the water element in dreams.

Your Personal Dreams about Storms: If you have had dreams of tidal waves, floods, or other watery storms, you can use them as examples. How did you analyze the dreams? What did the water dream symbols mean to you? What did you learn from the dreams? How can your readers benefit from your discoveries?

How to Analyze Storm Dreams: Tell how readers can analyze and interpret their own dreams containing water elements such as rainfall, floods etc. What methods can they use to determine the elements’ meaning? How can they incorporate dream discoveries into their everyday lives?

Water Dreams in the Bible: Research to find examples of water dreams in this sacred book. Are the meanings of the dreams provided in the Bible? How can your readers use the study of the Biblical dreams to improve their own lives?

Dream Dictionary meanings of Water: Research as many sources, old and new, as you can to compile possible meanings of water symbols. Compare the pros and cons of using pre-determined meanings versus personally compiled ones.

Pleasant Personal Dreams featuring the Water Element: Give examples of personal dreams that feature positive water elements such as peaceful lakes, picturesque waterfalls, etc. How did you analyze and use the wisdom gained from these personal dreams? How can readers benefit from your experience?

How to Analyze Positive Water Dreams: How can your readers figure out their own happy dreams featuring water? How can they use this information to improve their own lives?

History of famous Water Dreams: Research to find well-known dreams through the ages that focus on water. Who were the dreamers? Is there information on their analysis? What can the reader learn from these historical dreams about water?

These are just a few creative writing ideas of topics on dreams and dream interpretation. By focusing on the water element within the dreams, you can write unusual, interesting articles that should be in demand.