Storage Area

We all look forward to summer every year; the longer days, warm weather and glorious sunshine. However, summer does have its downfalls as with the warmer weather comes an array of summer pests. Flies and insects breed faster in the warmer weather and animals are often found seeking shade or food.

If you own a secure storage area, then you are going to need a way to ensure that summer pests are not making their way into your storage space and getting into your possessions or products which are stored there. Here are a few tips and idea to ensure that your storage space is kept pest free over the warm summer months.

Perform regular checks

Amice or rat can fit through a gap no bigger than a 20 pence piece so it is essential that you regularly check the perimeter for gaps or holes in the walls, doors or ceiling through which pests can gain entry into your storage space. During the hottest months, pests and animals will be seeking shade and cover from the sun so they are likely to take any opportunity they can to get indoors. Fix any holes or gaps quickly to keep pests out during the summer and use silicone to plug any holes in joints or corners.

Cover doorways

Small pets such as flies and insects have a knack for getting into areas through the smallest of gaps and shortest opportunities. The opening of a door into your secure storage may be all it takes for a fly or insect to get into your storage space. If your secure storage contains food products then this can be disastrous as just one fly can lay hundreds of eggs, contaminating a whole stock of food. Installing strip PVC curtains across doorways greatly reduces the chance of summer pests being able to get into your storage space as you come and go. Easy to install and to keep clean, strip curtains can also keep the temperature of your storage space consistent during the warmer months.

Electric pest killer

Installing an electric bug zapper in your secure storage space is another good way to keep small summer pests away from your products or possessions if they do manage to get into your storage space. They attract and humanely electrocute bugs and insects so that they do not contaminate or destroy your products.

Keep shrubbery neat and tidy

Keeping any hedges and shrubs well-trimmed and away from the walls and doorways of your storage unit can also help to prevent summer pests getting into your storage unit. If the greenery is pressed up against the sides of your self-storage area, then it is much easier for pests to make it from the hedges to your storage unit. A gap between hedges and greenery and the sides of your storage unit will help to keep the pests in the hedgerow and not in your storage unit.

Keep the area tidy

In the warm summer months, rubbish, and food waste rots and decays more quickly due to the heat, and this can attract a range of summer pests. Flies and other insects with feed on the rotting food and lay their eggs in it, producing maggots which in turn will feed on the rubbish. To reduce the chance of this, ensure that all areas are kept clean and tidy and any rubbish, especially food waste, is tied up in bin bags. Empty rubbish bins daily and use a solution of bleach and water to ensure containers are kept clean and free of any food waste or moisture.