Owning a car wash might seem like it’s easy to do, but there are a few maintenance tips that you should keep in mind so that the equipment will last as long as possible. When you arrive at the car wash for the day or if there is someone else who will be working that day, all of the equipment should be turned on to determine if it will operate as it should. If there are any issues with the water, brushes, and other items, then you should put a sign up that alerts customers not to use those bays until they are repaired.
One aspect of car wash maintenance is that you need to clean the bay areas when you clean the equipment. Make sure there isn’t any trash on the bay floor or any other types of debris that could impact how the equipment operates. As you walk around the property checking the equipment, you should also pick up any trash that is on the grounds and look for any damages to the property. This will show that you care about your business, keeping it clean so that people will want to come to your car wash.
Check the nozzles for any leaks. You should also check the contents of the soap dispensers to ensure that there is plenty of soap available for customers to use. Check any other dispensers on the property, such as those that have towels or small bottles of cleaner. If they are empty, then you need to fill them up as soon as you can. Check the change machine as many people use dollar bills to get the change needed and don’t want to hassle with asking the manager for the change. Make sure the ventilation system works properly so that there aren’t any fumes that linger on the property while customers wash their vehicles.