Psychological, emotional, and financial issues are a few of the effects of divorce. Even in the best of divorces when the husband and wife agree on how to split everything and there is no bitterness, there can still be emotional issues for the couple as well as their children. A divorce changes the family structure, and often it is hard to deal with these changes.

When the Divorce is Not Amicable

One of the most common problems experienced by one partner when a divorce is less than amicable is depression. Typically, this is the spouse that does not want the divorce and did not see it coming. Often they may suspect that something is wrong, but they do not want to admit to themselves that their marriage is over for good. Depression can be so debilitating that the person stops eating, cannot sleep or sleeps all the time, refuses to spend time with family or friends, and does not go to work.

Another thing that often happens with divorce, especially when one spouse feels that it is the fault of the other, is the desire to get even. The one who feels that they were wronged often expends a lot of time and energy into planning their vengeance against their partner. All this basically does is cause pain for everyone involved.

Dealing With the Divorce

For everyone involved, including the children of the divorcing couple, getting help to deal with a divorce can lessen emotional distress. The best result would be that the couple can agree on the issues that need to deal with when it comes to separating.

Custody, child support, the division of assets, and all the other issues that must be addressed when a couple divorces need to be handled maturely and in the best interests of both partners. An example of divorce lawyers Vancouver Wa is Morse, Bratt, Andrews & Terry LLP.

Divorce does not have to be easy, but it is possible for the couple to work towards the goal of settling everything civilly and amicably. Only then will they be able to move forward with their lives.