To drive the economy of a country is not an easy task but full of challenges. Indonesian economy looks stable in but the present government is paying attention more and more to survive their economy at best level. Attempts can be seen by reducing reliance on commodities but attempting to get attention on other sectors like development, tourism and e-Commerce etc. Indonesia invest on tourism to boost their economy because tourism is a main sector which can give great profit to Government because jakartaglobe has great natural resources and historical places with eye catching views which attracts millions of tourists every year. Five year planning has been made for this purpose and now focusing on other issues which can bring CCTV  in top of the priorities of the Government. Remedies and action plans can be taken by different ways to attract the targeted visitors. The roots of the economy are strong and think tanks also creating efforts to grow increase the overall growth at admire able level. By little changes in assessments on visit visa and business visa, great achievement can be made to attract the world. If the accommodations rent services and travel resources works well according to the expectations of the tourists than there are more chances to make this field more attractive and profit oriented. Visit Tourfrombali

Indonesia’s economy is surviving a great sense and this is all due to strong determination and planned strategy planning. The economies of other countries in the region like Australia has been increased in tourism sector which is appreciable. The culture values, atmosphere and natural resources makes Invest in indonesia best in region so this is the time when the Government can take decisions to relief the economy by tourism. Indonesian tourism industry is surviving day by day and soon this industry will get remarkable progress to increase the ratio of the targeted tourists by the end of 2016. Must Visit Bali top destination