What You Will Need To Know About Plastic Pallets Sydney

Every company in Sydney that deals in any exports of products will know that having plastic pallets Sydney is the key. The pallets fit the Australian standard and is useful for companies of virtually any industry to load their products on to the pallets for shipment but if you are currently new to the scene then there are a few things you need to understand beforehand.

Getting the Right Pallets for the Right Load

There are many different weight limits for plastic pallets and the first thing you must know is whether the pallet you are purchasing can support the full load of your products. If you are going for the lighter range then you will want to make sure you do not overload the pallet beyond its maximum capacity of 1,000 kg for dynamic loads and 3,000 kg for static loads.

Pallets in the medium load range are great for when you need that extra support for your products. They have exceptionally more strength to weight ratio and can carry a maximum load of 1,800 kg for dynamic loads and 10,000 kg for static loads. Most companies find that buying plastic pallets Sydney that fall in this range suits them the best but the same can’t be said for companies that require even more support than this.

If you are involved in the exportation of heavier machinery or steel then you will definitely want to skip past the light and medium weight ranges and jump directly to the heavy duty pallets. This range provides the most durability of all, not to mention that its maximum load limit is a whopping 1,600 kg for dynamic loads and a maximum of 10,000 kg for static loads which you will notice is similar to the units in the medium range with the only difference being that the heavier duty pallets are much heavier.

Having heavier pallets actually helps the products that have been loaded on top of it to have extra protection and support especially during transportation. Naturally, you will need to pick the right pallets for the job or you will risk them breaking while your precious cargo is loaded on top of them.

Taking a Closer Look at the Materials

Despite the fact that most plastic pallets are made from entirely recycled material, they are still strong enough to carry your products for you provided that you select the ones from the correct weight ranges. They are also very resistant to odors, solvents, acids and fats which means that you will not have to worry about any spills that might occur during the exportation of the cargo.