An ATM installation in a store is an absolutely hassle-free way to earn profits for a business. It is a proven fact that customers who come to transact cash from an on-premise ATM, ends up spending quite a lot of time looking at the products available in the store and also buys a few of them. This is an amazing way to lure the customers and these machines create a lot of profits through surcharges.

These ATMs guarantee regular income with surcharges which you will gain with each withdrawal a customer makes. Also, people who use these ATMs are more likely to buy stuff from the store and this way your sales will also go up. They will also end up paying by cash and will not use their credit or debit cards.

Significance of ATMs in Stores

  • Attract New Customers: An ATM will help you attract a lot of customers. This machine will simply give your business an edge and people will start recognizing your store. You will gain popularity and attract new customers. Even if people do not come to buy anything, they will dispense cash from the ATM and may come the next time to shop. This way, gaining loyal customers will be easier.
  • Increase your Sales: An ATM easily increases business sales. It is estimated that ATM users pay almost 25% more money than the ones who never use an ATM. You will, therefore, be able to increase your sales by a great percentage. You will also not have to accept credit or debit cards and you will also be able to cut off on the money your business usually spends on the credit card fees.
  • Additional Income Source: For transacting money from an ATM, the user has to pay a fee which is set by the owner of the machine. So, when you will have a machine of your own in your store, you will be able to set the fees and this usually varies. It can easily make you earn more revenues. These users often spend the money they take out buying something at the store itself. This way, the money that comes out from the ATM goes directly to the store’s revenue. This way, it’s actually a win-win situation for you.
  • Marketing Tool: At times the ATMs dispense coupons along with money and this can actually be a great way for you to market your products. You can simply offer such discount coupons to the people who come to take out cash and after getting the coupons, they will buy stuff from your store and this way, your products will be marketed in a great way.

An ATM in your store usually offers a very convenient service and also helps in enhancing the experience of your existing customers. This is indeed a great way of retaining your old clients and also to gain some new ones. It is not that an expensive change in your business and if you get reputed ATM installation firm, things will be much easier for you. Otherwise, gaining loyal customers often gets tough. This may even boost your existing customers’ satisfaction with you as well as with your products and services as they will get much flexibility and convenience in one place.

So, if you think it’s high time for you to do something new for your business to earn some extra and go above the profit ladder, then you must think about installing an ATM machine in your store. Make sure that you do some research before contacting an installer and only then the whole process will be a lot beneficial for you.