If you are in the Digital Marketing activity field and you seek for some wisdom and advices to become better at what you are doing, there are some living examples that can help you with that. Here are the top 10 most influential persons in the Digital Marketing zone, as you might find their experiences enlightening.

  • Neil Patel – co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISS metrics

 Patel is an American entrepreneur and analytics expert, with roots in Seattle. His first incursion in the online world was during high school, when he created Advice Monkey, a job board. His road in online marketing started when he was unhappy with the results given by certain companies, hired by him, to boost his company. Thus, he decided to learn on his own how to gain traffic.

  • Rand Fishkin – CEO & Founder of Moz

 Born in Flemington, New Jersey, Fishkin adventure in the online world started as well in high school, when he joined the World Wide Web, back in 1993. He attended the University of Washington, but dropped out in 2001 from the desire to start Moz, which started out as a CEO consultancy business and then evolved into offering complete online solutions.

  • Andy Beal – CEO of Trackur.com

  One of the best online reputation management expert in the world, Andy Beal is also an award-winning blogger, and author and even a professional speaker. He changed the perspective over the online reputation management through his books and advices. He got involved in many online projects, gathering appreciation of the entire world for his work.

  • Avinash Kaushik – Co-Founder of Market Motive Inc

 With an extended experience in the data analytics, Avinash Kaushik offers education and certification, through his company, for SEO, Paid Search Advertising, Social Media, Web Analytics, Conversion and Public Relation. He helped a great number of domains to develop and it is preoccupied in training the future generations to become even more creative and innovative.

  • Sudheer Kiran – CEO & Founder of Digital Vow

One of the highest-paid marketing consultants, Sudheer Kiran helped a great number of companies to achieve their goals. He is constantly in search of finding new ways of improving the experiences of the user over the internet, and to help businesses become more efficient.

  • Kim Garst – Founder and CEO of Boom! Social

Kim putted her imprint in how to increase business numbers by using social media. Her company is offering consultancy in the personal branding field, and in the social media business as well. She is also a respected trainer, helping IBM, as one of her customers.

  • Larry Kim – Founder of Word Stream

 To create his company, Larry Kim offered internet consulting services and managing a team of specialists to develop and sell software for marketing automation of search engines. Besides internet marketing, he also is interested in software engineering and software product management.

  • Ashley Friedlein – Founder, E consultancy

The consultancy company he started, together with a business partner, hold now about 98,000 members all over the world. Ashley developed his business in order to help people become more efficient and productive in professional networking. He is also very active in several publications outside his business, doing his best to share knowledge and experience.

  • Wil Reynolds – Fonder of Seer Interactive

Wil started his dream of offering businesses that keeps customers, team and community satisfied, alone in his living room. Now, he is the Director of Strategy, slowly growing his business, by developing innovations and strategies to help people in their businesses. He also has a great experience in the SEO field.

  • Lee Odden – CEO at Top Rank Marketing

  A very respected and reputable marketer, Odden offer a wide range of strategic internet marketing consulting services through his company. Besides his activity, Odden also wrote a book about how to attract and engage customers. You will also see that his opinion appears on top publication regarding this activity field.