Cranes are considered to be one of the important machines at almost every construction site and shipyards. If you are eager to know about these fascinating metallic giants then you will have to search online. There are a number of interesting facts about cranes. There is no doubt that cranes are important machine, but how to decide which crane is fit for any particular work. It is important to know the right crane type which you have in order to find correct mobile crane parts.

There are number of cranes working all over the world, but which of the cranes are popular and can be found at almost every site have you ever thought about that is you haven’t and if you have an urge to know the most common crane types which are found almost everywhere and their use then this article will help you in doing so. If you are looking for mobile crane spares then also you will have to find it based on the type and the manufacturer of the crane.

As discussed above, there are numerous crane types in the market, but name of few cranes which are popular and can be found everywhere have been enlisted below:

Hydraulic Truck Cranes

If you are looking for a crane with strength of lifting thousands of pounds, then your search will end up on hydraulic truck crane. It is one of the powerful crane, which is mobile and can be used anywhere. The most common projects where it is used is in the construction of airports, roads, bridges, and buildings.

All Terrain Cranes

This crane is designed to be driven on rough as well as smooth roads. This very crane was designed in the year of 1981 for the construction of pumping stations and gas pipe lines in Siberia.

Rough Terrain Cranes

As the name suggests this crane is used at distant sites. This crane be driven off road. If you are looking for maneuverability as well as lifting capacity, then this very crane will fulfil your all requirements.

Crawler Cranes

They are compact and portable cranes which are available with lattice booms or telescopic. They can easily move and perform heavy lifting jobs. They don’t need much set up for functioning. Though they are efficient and have great maneuverability but they are expensive to transport from one place to another because of its weight and size. They are very stable.