There are many things to consider when getting a loan for a car whether it is new or used. One of the most important is how are you going to pay for it. This can be done by several ways. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. What you need to do is consider each of these carefully and decide what is best for your circumstances.

Important Ideas

One of the things to think about is what your budget is, that is how much can you spend per month if you decide on payments for a lease or an auto loan. Leases are for those people who want to have a newer car every few years, but you would not own the car. A loan will allow ownership of the car at the end of the loan providing all payments have been paid. Another option is that if you have the money, you can pay for the vehicle in cash.

What to Expect

Getting an auto loan can put you in a new or used vehicle. According to the Federal Trade Commission, “With prices averaging more than $31,000 for a new vehicle” it can be the best way to finance a purchase. Check into what your credit score is. This can determine what you will pay in interest for a loan. You can be pre-approved for the loan so you will know exactly what you can spend on a car. The payments are monthly and the interest will be included. Also, there is the down payment which might be required. Check out the deals before going to buy. The place you are borrowing the money from probably will want at least 10% of the price of the vehicle down before the deal can go through.


Leasing is good for those who don’t particularly want to own the car or for those people who want a new car every few years. It’s one of the most helpful Money Tips for people in this category. According to the Federal Reserve System, “You get to use it but must return it at the end of the lease unless you choose to buy it.” A lease offers incentives like warranties, lower payments and sometimes no down payment. There are tax deductions for leasing if you use your car at least 50% of the time for business. There could be hidden costs if you drive over a certain number of miles per year or there is damage over and above everyday driving.

Pay With Cash

The idea of paying with cash can be a great idea. By doing this there is no loan or interest to be paid back. Also, there could be savings from wherever you buy the car if you pay cash. They will not have to deal with extra paperwork that goes with leasing or a loan. This payment method allows you to do whatever you want with the car without worrying about someone else holding the title. Still think about your budget and whether paying with cash will deplete the savings you have too much. You don’t want to need the money for an unforeseen event and not have it.