Sometime if you look hard enough, you may be sometime get lucky! To get free money to start up your own business. But you should however not bank on getting one because they are extremely hard to find. And most of the advert in internet are just tricks and you will be in for a shock.

The Big Myth

Most of the adverts that’s promises free money are actually there to trick people to get them pay their books, seminars, lists, marketing their business by getting you visit their website. Other strategy is to electronically download government data that’s regards to legitimate government and other private grants. The truth is that federal government plus most private companies are not in the business to offer money to entrepreneur for their business starts shouldn’t be a shock as it a common sense in business principle, that no one besides maybe your family will offer you money to start a profit making business.

The Hard Truth of the Matter

There are private and government grants out there, but they are meant for non -profit with jurisdiction in social infrastructure projects like schools, university, health centers, states and local government. And yes, we have few specific profit grants meant for those entrepreneur e.g. locating their businesses to low income areas and guaranteeing the jobs to the locals. But these opportunities to entrepreneurs comes with many stipulation and restriction to be followed. Therefore, no free money for start-up business for individual entrepreneur.

Rare Opportunity to Somehow Free Grants

Major Private Companies have programs that do give money back to the society through entrepreneurs as required by National institute of small businesses grants. Therefore the best bet is to look at the largest corporation, branch out into large national wide company because most corporation do not much emphasis on geographical location.

If you are minorities and women you maybe somehow lucky as you have some sources of free money which are not available to anyone. Therefore if you have a business Idea and you need a start-up consider and consult the national program like the minority business development agency, local programs, FAME Renaissance etc.

So what to do if you need the Money and Unable to Find it Free

You have to consider yourself as an entrepreneur and what they have been doing for years. Find means of funding your business from other sources through loans and equity investment.

A Legitimate Alternative 

Another alternative you may have, is to start with a low- cost entry that will not require loan or risky investment. Internet home based powered business may be a true source of income. You can also check on the legitimate businesses that have good products, training, business models that can be able to answer and respond to your entrepreneurial needs. Research and investigate them and you will have the financial success that you are looking for to realize your dreams.

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