Real Estate Seller Leads

Successful real estate agents are always on the hunt to find opportunities to generate real estate seller leads.There is more than one way to procure leads in the changing market, but lets discuss the most effective ways.

1) Enlarge your Contact Network of Homeowners

One of the most effective ways to procure seller leads is by having a conversation with property owners. If they are open to selling their house, then encourage them to have an open house. The best part is that if you build a good relationship with your clients they will refer you to family and friends that are looking to buy or sell. From one property owner you will get connected to another property owner and eventually you will have a circle of real estate seller leads. It also helps to build up your network with trusted contractors like Virginia Beach roofers.

2) Landing Pages

A landing page is a website that exchanges contact information and gives out specific information for follow up marketing. A landing page has minimal design but has to be very catchy to the eyes. You know your target, so before designing the website think of what you will offer to get the information you want.

3) Keep it Less

Do not ask for to much information on the landing page, because if you keep it simple and to the point then customers are morel likely to fill it out. Gathering the necessary information will be enough for you to know if the seller lead will turn out successful or not.

Once you get a lead follow-up right away. You can use instant automated gratification mail, but reaching out personally to the client is the best option if you are available at that time. One on one contact with your customer will build their trust in you and get them to want to do business with you. If you feel that it could be a successful lead then reach out to them by phone and stay in contact.