Manufacturing Units Always Check And Test Slip Resistance For Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used for flooring and wall decoration purposes. Ceramic tiles testing equipment manufacturers are approached by ceramic tiles manufacturing units. The experts working in the units use these equipments to perform various tests on the tiles. In this article, we will talk about slip resistance test that is performed by experts to provide safe and secure flooring products to the customers.

Slip resistance testing is done to measure the resistance to slip accidents on floors. This test is performed by experts in laboratory or on floors at the site. There is equipment named tribo meter, which is used to determine high propensity for slip and fall accidents in wet and dry areas, such as outdoor areas, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Why you have to Test for Slip Resistance in Tiles?

There are multiple reasons to conduct slip resistance test for tiles. In this post, we will talk about these reasons in detail.

  • To reduce the slip injury risk

Slipping on wet floors can bring lifetime injuries to the person. If you slip down from the floor surface, your ribs may be broken. With the help of slip resistance test, you can reduce the chances of slip injury occurrence and this will help you to consider applying safety flooring at residence. You have to be selective for choosing right flooring options.

  • Reduce insurance premium

Such accidents may be fatal for a person and this will result in loss of productivity and compensation cost. If you perform such tests for tiles, it will lower the insurance premium amount.

  • Increase customer traffic

It will give more customer traffic, especially elderly and pregnant women in the public or commercial areas. Customers know about flooring hazards and if the area is unsafe for children, they won’t access that area for long.

Types of Slip Resistance Tests Performed by Experts:

  • Wet pendulum slip resistance test
  • Dry floor friction slip resistance test

Wet pendulum slip resistance test is performed by using two testing tools – pendulum friction tester and pendulum device. This device includes heavy weighted foot and spring loaded rubber test slider.

Dry floor friction slip resistance test includes dry floor friction tester or tortes tools. This test is done to measure the coefficient of friction of the tile flooring surfaces.

You can get all these equipments from Ceramic tiles testing equipment supplier in your local. For more details regarding these equipments, write to the suppliers and exporters today.