So, you do regular exercises every single day, you try to eat as healthy as possible, but your stomach is always bloated? Do not worry because you are in the right place and EMA Krav Maga martial arts will help you discover what the real problem is. What you need to do is check if there is a problem with these, otherwise healthy, groceries…
When you eat a piece of fruit, you have done something good for your health, but some types of fruits have their bad side – they get fermented in the intestines due to which gases are generated, and your stomach gets bloated. Fruits contain a lot of fructose, fruit sugar, and sorbitol, sugar alcohol, which cause inflammation, bloating and pressure in your digestive system.

Why Does Your Stomach Feel Bloated

And some types of fruit, which in particular have many positive effects on our body, have this effect. Here are 5 types of fruits that are considered to be particularly encouraging. Check how you feel after eating something from this list, and if you feel bloated, replace them with some other kind of fruit or reduce their consumption:

1. Apples: Who would say?! However, this fruit is full of fructose, and for this reason in some people it can cause bruising. The same effect has apple juice. Try to reduce them for a while and see if your stomach is still bloated. If you see a change, eat only a few slices in the future.

2. Cherries: The same thing happens with cherries. The main problem is fructose, but also the sugar alcohols of polyols, as well as the peel of this fruit itself can be difficult to digest.

3. Avocado: Yes, that is right. Even avocado. Avocado has a lot of alcohols of polyols, due to which the fruit needs a longer period of time to ferment in the digestive system. If you get used to good fat of avocados, and you feel constant intolerance, replace it with eggs and check if the bloating has decreased.

4.Pears: Delicious, sweet pears can help reduce cholesterol, but on the other hand they are full of sorbitol alcohol, which means they can easily be a trigger for great (and painful) inflammation.

5.Dried fruits: This concentrated source of sugar and fiber can easily cause bloating. Whenever you can choose between fresh and dried fruits, choose fresh. They do have their own positive benefits but they have negative ones as well.

Make sure you avoid eating these fruits for a certain period of time just to see if there are some changes. If there are, you need to reduce the amount of these fruits you eat or eventually replace them with other fruits, if this bloating problem seriously bothers you. However, note that eating fruits and veggies is an important thing that you should not neglect.