Most people think of aluminum as just another metal. You might think about it when taking a drink from a soda can or shopping for a new kitchen appliance, but the odds are good that you give little thought to the material the rest of the time. Whether searching for aluminum casting companies that can make products for your company or looking for some interesting facts that you can share with others, you’ll want to check out some fun facts about aluminum.

Once Expensive

While aluminum is cheap enough today that companies make cans from it, it was once one of the most expensive materials in the world. Some even referred to it as a precious metal because it was so rare and hard to find. That might explain why the designers of the Washington Monument made the cap on the top from the material.

Rusts Quickly

If you leave an old aluminum can outside for a few days, you’ll quickly find that it rusts because of exposure to moisture. Experts call this aluminum oxide and claim that it actually benefits the metal. That rust forms a protective coating on the surface of the metal that keeps it from experiencing any further damage. Many of the vintage and antique metal toys and other items that you for sale today show some signs of rusting.

No End for Recycling

With most materials, those items can only go through so many recycling stages because the materials break down and can no longer be used. aluminum is one of the few materials in the world today that go through dozens or even hundreds of recycling stages without breaking down. Aluminum actually retains its strength too. A few cans made from recycled aluminum can support hundreds of pounds of weight.

Wright Brothers

One reason aluminum is so popular is because the metal is extremely lightweight. It actually weighs a fraction of what other materials weigh, which is why the Wright Brothers used aluminum as a building material. When constructing their first plane, they needed a type of metal that was strong enough to support the weight of the plane but lightweight enough that it wouldn’t weigh down the vehicle. They made several aircraft components from aluminum. The next time that you need some trivia for a dinner party or work meeting, you can share some of these great facts about aluminum.