Owing to modern medical technology, they provide you with various devices and kits to gain respite from any sort of ailments and pain occurring in your body. One of these is the traction kits. If you fracture or twist any part of your body, the traction kit will help you to keep the affected area in a specific position to give you some relief and putting your muscle and nerve tissue at ease.

Tractions kits are used to relieve specific regions like the pelvic region, cervical spine or neck, especially those regions which are immobile. They are also highly useful in case of slip discs and other pains caused in the backbone. There are many people who suffer from the deformities of muscle system, and this kit can be much helpful to such patients to get the system back to the normal. Here is some information that can prove much helpful to those who seek information about neck and cervical traction kits that are available in India.

The kit:

The neck traction kit is a chemical or drug-free method to provide some relief to anyone suffering from neck arthritis, neck strains or spondylitis pain. The kit provides relief by allowing the neck muscles and nerve tissues to be released. The idea is to stretch the head away from the neck by creating a space between the vertebras. This helps the neck to rid itself of the weight of the hand and keep the desired distance in between the two. It is a non-chemical way to treat a neck injury and can be done at home as well. If you are suffering from a spondylitis pain, it is generally advised to wear the neck traction kit all the time till the pain is bearable or non-existent.

How does it work?

Cervical traction kit is also known as the neck traction kit. Cervical traction can be defined as the stretching of theneck. The neck is made up of a cervical spine, and seven vertebrae and the cervical kit helps to create some spacing in between the vertebrae to reduce your discomfort and pain. The are two models of cervical traction kits. One is traditional over the door traction device, and another is the contemporary and the more recent model with inflating neck traction collars. While the former is not user savvy the later helps you use the collar by adjusting the traction with anair pump and experience the relief at all times.

The traction kits are available in India both in the online sites and offline in the regular medicine shops. You might have to pre-order the kit and get it after a few days from the medical shop. If you have undergone an accident or by doctor’s prescription you are advised to wear a neck or cervical traction kit, go to the online sites and portals. Choose the apt kit according to your neck size and the specifications as per the prescription. Both the ways are reliable while buying the kit but always trust the well-known brands.