5 Step Guide To Commision A Painting

It takes an artist and client to work together, right from concept to completion to bring an idea into a beautiful reality. It could be anything from a picture of your kid, dog, your dead grandmother, yourself, a character in your favorite movie or you role playing a character, it really doesn’t matter. With the help of an artist’s skill and talent, you can fulfill your vision. Although, the process would remain same whether you are commissioning for a small, large, public or private art, commissioning a painting is not like going to a store to buy one.

There are certain steps that you need to follow when commissioning a painting. Let’s take a look at them:


There are a lot of places available online where you can commission a painting. You can narrow down your search on the basis of the variety of artists and different styles. Go to their websites and take a look at their work. Consider a company or an artist only if they do the kind of painting you are interested in and like their results. After shortlisting the companies, you need to check out if they do commissions, standard pricing and FAQs.

2.Choose an artist

The key to owning a piece that you, your family, your friends or your organization enjoys for a long time is finding the right artist to create your painting. The best artist would be the one who has the experience in creating a painting in a particular style that you want along with reflecting what exactly you are looking for in a painting. There are companies that have a list of artists that have their expertise in specific type and style, so be sure of the artist you choose.

3.Provide your information

For best results, it is essential that you convey your expectations to an artist. For this you need to decide on some important aspects of a painting. Do you want certain colors or shades to be included in a painting? What would be the size of your painting? What is your deadline and the budget? Be honest about your budget with yourself and your artist and let your artist know if it it is tight. Also, give your artist the photograph,  in case the painting is a portrait of an object.


Usually, the client and artist fail  in communication but it is essential that you keep in touch during the course of the project. You need to regularly check for progress, ask questions and approve for details. Set a schedule ahead of time for the updates and stick to it.


The artist will provide you a quote for the final painting. It would be basically an in depth explanation of the payment. Apart from sending various pictures, you may also be scheduled for several sittings to help create the best result possible.

Get Your Painting

Once the painting is completed, you may review the painting and give the feedback to the artist. Take the final artwork only after you are completely happy with the outcome.