Having children at home always reminds parents of extra care to them. Be it any types of health care or dental care children need some extra care to take off. They also need professionals specialized with the problems regarding children. Thus, paediatric dentists are known for their help. They not only take care if the kid’s health and well-being but also make them feel comfortable when they visit the doctors. These medical practitioners are specially trained in the art of taking care of children’s teeth and mouth and make them healthy in an easy and friendly way. They spot the problems in kids’ mouth by recognising common dental issues and treat them thoroughly. They even treat and manage with ease the toddlers and teething babies.

Paediatric Dentist – A Proper Kids’ Dental Care Professional

The journey of being a paediatric dentist

Paediatric dentists after graduating receive 2-3 years of additional education. This special education includes choice of dental or oral health care of children. Through this time span these medical practitioners become well qualified to handle from new born to teens’ teeth problems.

Paediatric dentist Mumbai, go on to treat a range of simple to complex issues for the kids. Say for example, they fix broken teeth, remove teeth along with treatment of sensitive teeth. Children are prone to decay in the teeth and when it comes to the young ones it is indeed quite difficult to clean it. Their services include primarily cleaning of the teeth and sometimes they are known to provide dental sealants along with fluoride treatments which will prevent the decay of the teeth. They go on to diagnose future problems as well.

Symptoms of teeth problems

Every stage of age needs different care. They know these different caring techniques and teach their patient’s parents some basic remedies to follow at home. They not only treat the teeth issues but also manage kid’s tantrum and various other problems related to not to visit doctors. Children’s needs change with his growth. Paediatric dentists are well qualified to manage all these issues. They face problems at times treating the baby teething issues. Let’s see some symptoms of teeth problems.

  • Saliva secretion in excess
  • Increase rate of irritation
  • Rashes occur in gum
  • Cold and cough, runny nose
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decay in teeth
  • Lowering fluoride component

If these problems are happening to any child preventive care should be taken and visiting paediatric dentist is a must. This decision will benefit children and their parents immediately. Dentist recommends consumption of less sugary foods as child’s sugar intake is an important part of any tooth-friendly diet. Plenty of water should be added into diet as water will help to wash away the leftover sugar which causes plaque. Diet should include a lot of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean meats and healthy dairy products. These foods help to maintain a good oral health. Oral health also depends upon brushing and flossing technique. With a soft bristle brush brushing twice regularly is important for anyone. And this should be practiced from the tender age.

Paediatric dentist availability in Mumbai

A good paediatric dentist at doorstep or nearby is always a dream of parents. Having them within a walking distance always help during dental emergency. May famous professionals are available in every city now a day especially in Mumbai.