The Suzuki scooters and its motorcycles have started generating a decent market share in one of the biggest two-wheeler market of the world –India. This Japanese bike manufacturer has patented technologies and has tried to deliver the master piece to its customers. One such technology is the Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP). This is an improved technology that helps in providing improved engine performance and a better fuel efficiency. Ever since the launch of Suzuki Gixxer SF white variant, the sales have been on a boost.

Best 5 Suzuki Scooters and Bikes featuring the SEP Technology

Top 5 Suzuki Two-Wheeler with SEP Technology

The SEP technology is helping this Japanese manufacturer to gain the customers throughout the country and satisfy them economically by delivering the mileage efficient two-wheeler. Here are the best Suzuki two-wheelers using this SEP Technology.

Suzuki Gixxer SF

Suzuki Gixxer SF white variant is a completely faired touring bike by the Japanese manufacturer. It comes with Suzuki racing livery and Gixxer premium commuter. The bike is totally patented with the new SEP technology by the company. It has got a 155cc air cooled single cylinder engine which produces the power of 14.5bhp and the peak torque of 14Nm. It has got a 5-speed gearbox and the disc brakes are present at the rear and front wheels. Go for Teflon coating on Suzuki Gixxer SF white variant to protect it from the dirt and scratches.

Suzuki Lets

Suzuki Lets, the Indian market scooter was launched to compete with the competitors like Honda Dio, Hero Pleasure, and few other girly type scooters. The Lets scooter has got SEP technology that enhanced the performance and mileage of the scooter. Its 113cc air cooled single cylinder engine is mated with CVT automatic transmission. It can deliver maximum torque of 9Nm and the power of 8.7bhp. Though, this scooter didn’t do well in the Indian market, but still the sales were average.

Suzuki Access 125

The new Suzuki Access 125 was launched in 2016 for the Indian scooter market. It comes patented with the SEP technology proving better mileage and enhanced performance to the customers. It is powered with the 124cc air cooled single cylinder engine delivering the peak torque of 10.2Nm and the power of 8.5bhp. The engine comes well mated with CVT automatic transmission.

Suzuki Gixxer

Suzuki Gixxer is like the elder brother of its SF model which is the premium commuter bike by Suzuki. It has got a street fighter design having a wide handlebar, muscular tank, sleek tail section, and the rear set foot pegs. This motorbike also comes with the patented SEP technology havinga greater fuel efficiency and mileage. It can produce the peak torque of 14Nm and the power of 14.5bhp. Its 155cc air cooled single cylinder engine is mated with 5-speed gearbox. It comes with the MRF tires having disc brakes at both the ends.

Suzuki Hayate

“Suzuki Hayate Yuhin Nahi Chalate”, the slogan was gone really after the launch of this bike in India. The launch of this bike put back Suzuki on track. Its 113cc air cooled single cylinder engine is mated with the 4-speed gearbox. It can deliver the power of 8.7bhp and maximum torque of 9Nm. Its fuel capacity is 10 liters and has got the drum brakes at both of its ends.

The Last Words

Suzuki Gixxer SF white model is so far the best in the above list for bike lovers and the scooter lovers can go with Suzuki Access 125. Both these are available at budget price and can be a true delight to ride on roads. All the above mentioned bikes and scooters come patented with the SEP technology.