In the past, there was no separate driving theory test in the UK. Since 1935 to 1996 drivers were asked a couple of questions in the beginning about driving theory.

Since 1996, this method has changed. Now, all new drivers must compulsorily pass the driving theory test, prior taking practical test. Just like any other exams, investment is associated in learning driving theory therefore it is necessary to pass the very first time.

To succeed the first time preparation is a MUST. The best way to do this is use online training resources. However, first you will need to book for the driving theory test.

You can go to for booking the theory test online. Remember to keep the following documents on-hand –

  • Your UK provisional driving licence
  • Email address
  • Debit/credit card

How to prepare?

To pass your driving theory test make sure to prepare as meticulously as you can. On the internet there are many websites that help you to practice for the theory exam. Here you can get familiar with different types of questions, which will appear in multiple choice section of the test.

Moreover, you can even gain more awareness abilities viewing hazard perception clips. Thus getting used to how the driving theory test works can remove the anxiety of what will be asked and you can sharpen your perception towards spotting possible hazards in that test instantly.

When you start reading the driving theory, it may seem daunting in the start, when you view the questions and categories. However, all this content is related to how to drive on the road safely, which needs reasonable and clear thinking, so don’t be frightened. Certainly, learning is involved like getting familiar with uncommon road signs you might come across. However, with concentration and time, you can learn driving theory and pass with flying colours.

Online driving theory site for practice

There are several books published, which can help you prepare for the theory test but using driving theory website involves several advantages.

Saves time

While using printed material or books for exam preparation means you will need to turn pages for checking answers. Mock tests too need to be prepared personally. Enrolling with online site allows you to save time because they have all the necessary questionnaire and mock tests designed. The saved time is very useful to test yourself again and again against questions.

Theory skill analysis

Online driving theory mock test results get saved automatically. Analysis of your abilities is conducted on question to question basis. You even get an opportunity to glance at questions you struggle answering to. Thus, you can test yourself again, so as to ensure that you know the answer now.

Test is performed on computer

Real-time driving theory exams are conducted on computers, therefore undertaking mock tests online helps to get acclimatised to computer driven processes. Thus, you can get used to interact with computer, while choosing answers to questions.

Moreover, you can learn other driving tools like sign learning, hazard perception clips, study random questions and take many mock tests.