Natural stones are classified as those rocks which are formed naturally during the formation of the Earth and they are very old and generally made up of some combinations of naturally occurring minerals like quartz and many other minerals. These naturally occurring rocks are principally divided in to three main categories – igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. All of these types of rocks are formed from the magma and volcanoes that lies just below the Earth’s crust and the outer layer of the Earth called the lithosphere is made up of rocks completely, below which lies the semi liquid volcanoes. These three types of rocks have some basic difference, and they are group as follows:


  • Igneous Rocks: forms due to the cooling and solidification of the molten magma, or more commonly lava, and these types of rocks are the most abundant ones in the nature.
  • Sedimentary Rocks: they are also formed at the earth’s crust, due to decomposition and rearrangements of previously formed rocks due to pressure and temperature.
  • Metamorphic Rocks: when any of the two previous types of rocks are subjected to huge pressure and temperature change the molecular structure of the rocks changes giving rise to the third category of rocks called the metamorphic rocks.

Due to the advancement in technologies and science, rocks are made in laboratories and farms where the newly formed rocks are sold at the market for many purpose, since for a rock to form naturally it takes thousands of years, and thus cannot be achieved in one’s life time. Yet, natural rocks are natural, and chemically modified and laboratory produced rocks do not have that same properties and look as the natural ones. For this reason, we are here to discuss some natural stone suppliers which will help you in doing many things that can be done with rocks, which we will explain in a moment’s time.

Uses of Decorative Stones

Natural stones or rocks have many uses, apart from some of the rock gardens which have become the major attractions like the Gardens of the Gods at Colorado Springs in the United States, Ajanta and Ellora in India are some examples, and these naturally occurring rocks are used for various purposes, like:

  • Decorations Purposes,
  • Medicinal Purposes: like in spa,
  • Astrological Purposes and many more.

Using the correct type of stones for the correct purposes, and getting your hands on these exquisite natural stones is a dream come true.

Stone pavers Wholesalers

Stone pavers Wholesalers

List of Decorative Stones according to Continents

There are many decorative stones, some of which are very costly like the pearls and diamonds, while some of which are commonly available in abundant quantities. Based on the continents, there are various types of decorative stones. For instance marble from the Asian countries are quite different from the European countries. Sometimes due to extreme change in climate there is a huge difference between rocks and stones from two immediate countries, like for example India and Pakistan, who are the chief exporters of marble, granite throughout the world and their structure has some significant changes.

Getting your Hands on these Natural Stones

It was a mere dream to get your hands on these beautifully looking stones while sitting back at home, but now you can do so by online shopping. Apart from this there are many markets traditional ones and new ones who sell these kinds of beautiful stones. A natural stone supplier is a one who mines or get stones from the wild (typically forests and hilly regions) and then after polishing sells them to the customers, so now you have a huge advantage in getting these stones.