We know that stress is bad because we find that we’re unable to concentrate, have trouble sleeping, and our appearances tend to suffer as well. However, stress can be attributed to nearly 80 percent of our diseases, which is huge. This means that people would have better health if they got rid of their stress. The best solution to ridding the body of stress and its diseases is to relax. While many people reach for things that distract them from stress, things like TV don’t really provide relaxation. Consider these options to unwind.


Some people pray, and some meditate. Both lead to relaxation. There are many ways it can be done, but the most important aspect of meditating is to let go of all else and be present in the moment. You can focus on a spot on the wall and pretend to crawl inside that spot. This puts your entire focus on that one spot. Other people recommend that you focus on your breathing. Yoga teaches many techniques for breathing. For example, one technique says to rest your forefinger and middle finger on your forehead while your thumb and ring finger rests on alternate sides of your nose. You are to focus on your forehead and use your thumb and ring finger to close off one nostril as you breathe in an out. This action will get you centered and relaxed in a matter of seconds. Another method of meditation is to lie on your back with your palms upward. Tense every muscle in your body, including your facial muscles. Starting from the feet up, intentionally relax every body part until you are completely relaxed.

Stress Is Responsible For Your Fatigue and Sicknesses


Massage is one of the best ways to relax. It is also helpful in healing the entire body from ailments. Heat and massage are recommended for athletes to promote healing in order to perform better. While it’s good to make time for a massage, it’s not always easy to work one in on a daily basis. Using a massage chair,┬ámakes daily massage a possibility in the privacy of one’s home. However, it would be beneficial to have one at the office as well. The ┬áchair massages the body using shiatsu points. The result is a fully relaxed body and mind. It is best to do this after work every day. However, it would be good to get in a session before heading to work as well. When the mind and body are relaxed, people think and react better, which leads to less stress on the job and productivity.

Stress Is Responsible For Your Fatigue and Sicknesses

The Home

The home should promote relaxation. Whether you want to fill your home with the sounds of trickling water, a spa or comfy couches, it’s important to fill the home with things that promote relaxation. Try to incorporate all of your senses in the process. Choose scents, fabrics, colors and sounds that promote relaxation. This might take some exploring, but it’s well worth it.

Stress Is Responsible For Your Fatigue and Sicknesses

You can’t take care of others unless you, first, take care of yourself. You can’t work or do anything else when you’re stressed. You owe it to yourself to find time to relax. It’s not a selfish pursuit. It’s a necessary one for your mental and physical health.