To kick off the start of this year’s lobster season, Key West fishing charters are enticing customers with special rates.

Key West is celebrating opening of lobster season with Lobsterfest, and charter fishermen are offering special package deals for those who want to dive for the tasty crustaceans.  The lobster charter specials are meant to encourage having fun diving safely for lobster in the Keys, and at the same time to  help Key West spearfishing charters diversify their range of options for customers.  Guests can charter a boat for half day, full day, or evening, combining fishing with diving for lobster if they choose.

Key West Fishing Charters- Lobster Season

The beginning of lobster season is a big event in Key West, and the charter fishermen are not the only ones celebrating.  In fact, the city of Key West will be holding the fourteenth annual Lobsterfest this Saturday August 7.  Charter fishermen hope visitors will combine the festivities on Saturday with an afternoon or morning on the water diving for lobster.

Lobsterfest is Saturday of this coming weekend, with a street fair on Duval Street between the 100 and 500 blocks.  Browse the vendors, sample lobster dishes and enjoy the beautiful weather to live music starting at 1pm.  Lobster will be prepared by over twenty different Key West restaurants, and served during the festivities see for details.  Choose from grilled, steamed, and dozens of other ways to cook the spiny lobster, as it’s known in the Keys.  The traditional way to eat lobster is steamed and dipped in butter, but grilled lobster is something not to be missed.

Those diving for their own lobster can freeze the tails for later without sacrificing taste.  In fact, lots of visitors to Key West at this time of year come just for lobstering.  Many Floridians own boats so their perfect vacation is finding one of the Key West resorts that have boat slips, lobstering by day and enjoying Duval Street at night.  “We look forward to lobster season in Key West every year” says Mandy McBride, who lives in Hollywood, FL and who frequents .  “Even though we don’t own a boat, we live for lobstering every August and book our charter early in summer” he says, with excitement.    Mr. McBride and his family of five stay in the same resort every year.

Even beginners can dive for lobster, which hide under rocks and coral according to .  A good charter will take passengers to a lobstering spot tailored to their skills and abilities.  Lobsters can be found in just ten feet of water, which is accessible to even the most beginner of divers and snorkelers.  For the serious lobstering experience some charters are licensed to take passengers lobstering on tanks, or scuba diving.  Be sure to check with the charter captain first if scuba is on the agenda, since a dive master must be present in a charter situation.

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