Chainsaws are machines that are very significant for the management of forest on routine basis. They are very beneficial in performing tasks such as thinning and clearing trees. This promotes the long term health of woodland creatures and habitats residing in those areas. In this article we will learn more about chainsaw and its working in detail.

Let’s know what chainsaw is?

A chainsaw basically has two primary parts. One of them is a saw blade that is built into a chain and gently wrapped around a large sized metal guide bar. The other one is a small sized one-cylinder gasoline engine. The chain of the chainsaw resembles like a bicycle chain that runs around the gear wheels.

Sharp teeth made up of steel alloy are mounted around the chain at small gaps. There is a piston inside the engine which moves inside and outside of the cylinder and pushes a connecting rod to turn a crankshaft. This crankshaft then turns gears with the help of a centrifugal clutch. To read our vast and extensive collection of manuals or download them instantly, you can visit our homepage

How a chainsaw works

The main function of a chainsaw is to convert gasoline into sawdust (crudely speaking). Scientifically, it does this function by converting the chemical energy that is locked in gasoline into mechanical energy required to perform work such as converting a tree into logs, sawdust, heat, and noise. The fuel that is poured in the gas tank of a chainsaw produces all the energy needed to cut down and breaking the logs.

A normal chainsaw tank can hold only 0.5 liters of gas. This fuel is fed into the machine through a carburetor. This fuel then mixes with the air. This combined air and fuel mixture is then passed into a cylinder and gets ignited by a spark plug. This results in release of energy and movement of piston in back and forth direction. Husqvarna 570 XP Chainsaw manual consists of fifty-four pages in PDF format. These are designed for the Husqvarna 570 and 575 XP chainsaws.

How to sharpen the saw chain

To get the best performance from the chainsaw it is important to get the saw sharpened at regular intervals of time. To sharpen the saw, you would require a few things as mentioned below:

  • Round shaped files and a filing guide
  • A depth gauge guide and flat
  • A stump vise needed in the field sharpening

Continuous filing strokes in the right direction results into a sharp saw chain to serve the objective in a safe and reliable manner. presents official parts manual for different models of the 1980 Husqvarna like CR 125, 240, 250 and 390 motorcycles. This is ninety-eight scanned pages of manual in PDF format that provides the user with the exploded views of the bike as well as part numbers. In this manual all technical repair information is contained in simple, clear, and easy to read manner.

Chainsaws are very beneficial equipment that helps in cutting trees and various other works to help manage a forest. Perform regular inspection and maintenance activities to keep it in the best running condition.