Nothing could be better feeling that spending some quality time with your loved ones. Things seem amazingly beautiful when you complete one year of together with your love. Anniversaries are extraordinary events, especially when it is your first anniversary. For those who are about to celebrate their first anniversary, it is important to look ravishing and gorgeous. It is an occasion when you remember all the beautiful moments that you spent together. Be it the first date, the proposal day or the wedding day, everything comes to remembrance that day.

All this causes for a celebration! A celebration where you have to look beautiful enough, to let your partner fall in love with you all over again. Well, the route to look pretty gets started when you choose a nice dress for yourself. Well, you can luckily find amazing pieces at JustFab, where style and quality go hand in hand. The best part is that you find on RetailMeNot and expect to avail maximum discounts. To help you settle for the perfect outfit for the D-day, here are the tips that we suggest you to follow.

Tip 1

What could be more amazing than putting on a dress that makes you look feminine and elegant at the same time. For this special day, you will have to opt for something that fits in elegant slot. Do not go for a funky or casual look. Avoid wearing leather jackets, shorts or jeans as they will make you look masculine. Opt for skirts and dresses as they are feminine and let you let gorgeous without much efforts. For those who want to make their men go crazy looking at them, opt for dresses with side cutouts, off shoulders or one shoulder dresses with deep cleavage.

Tip 2

When it comes to footwear, make sure you wear a formal pair that adds to the grace of your outfit. Preferably, a pair of heels can make you look stunning and seductive. Wear heels that compliment the height of your beau. To reveal a slender and toned lower body, choose pencil heels with straps. Wearing peep toes or stilettos can make you look pretty effortlessly.

Tip 3

Well, it not just the dress length and style that need to be considered while planning the look for the special day. You will have to ensure that you focus upon the colors that you are choosing. Choosing the right color would let you look prettier than usual. Even though the color selection varies as per the complexion, you should still keep in mind the occasion’s mood. The best colors would be black, grey and brown. Each of them lets you look formal enough as per the event. Also, you can shift to brighter hues such as rose pink, tangerine, violet and peach.

Tip 4

Last but yet the most crucial tip is to carry a beautiful smile on your face. A smile is rightly termed as the beautiful jewel a woman can wear and so you need to keep a check on it. Make sure your make up is subtle enough for the date. Wearing heavy makeup could be a turn down factor for your beau so keep it subtle.